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On a Windows XP box I used a web design program Arachnophilia. I've now copied the web page files over to a Windows 7 box. I can open web pages using this package but when I save them and go into Windows Explorer they don't show. I have the option set to show hidden files so that isn't the answer. I need to see them in Explorer as I want to amend them then copy them to a different folder.
Any ideas why they are disappearing ?
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  1. Have you tried a search using Windows Explorer to see where the files might be?
  2. Searching with Windows Explorer does not find the files. They definitely are there as I can open them with Arachnophilia.
  3. I thought it might be something to do with administrator status so I ran Arachnophilia as administrator. The files did not show up on the file list. If I run the program not as administrator they do show. The files don't show up in Windows Explorer at all, whether as administrator or not. What is happening ?
  4. Is it showing the directory where the files are saved when you save a file? I realize this is somthing you may already know. Do you have the option to Save As and specify the directory where the files will be stored?
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