I'm Still Confused. One Last Question....

Ok everyone, I have read the article from Tomshardware.com about the bottle-necking of the CPU or the Video card. It is very obvious from that article that the author is much more in favor of the video card upgrade first, then the processor upgrade second. He says, "Spending a lot of money for a fast processor is more of a status symbol rather than a clever purchase." He also says, "If you belong to the group of those users who want best 3D performance, you should set highest value on the graphics card." His last statement is this, "As of late, new-generation 3D-chips offer significantly larger performance gains than new microprocessors."

I have a Dell Dimension XPS R350, with PII 350, 128 SDRAM, and a 32 MB Diamond Viper V770 Ultra. YES YES YES I am definitely going to upgrade the processor, BUT BUT BUT, I only have a limited supply of cash right now. And after reading many peoples helpful responses, both here and at the Dell forums, the majority of people say to get the Video Card first. The GeForce 2 64 MB DDR.

OK. Now my only thought is this.....It's obvious now to me that my Video card is OLD. That's cool, I can handle that. But I still thought that my processor was more out of date than my Video Card. I go to the stores and look at all these new kick ass games and I'm finding more and more of them are telling me that my PII 350 is just not going to cut it with these games. But they do say (most of them) that my Video Card, although it is old and crappy, is still doable with these games.

So, is my $250 that I can spend right now, going to the 1 Ghz processor or the GeForce 2 Video card???? I'm hoping to upgrade either the Card or the processor (which ever one I don't get) in about 3-5 months from now. I'm not made of money you know.

Please help me.

Thanks for everything.

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  1. Processor #1

    Upgade the 350 now now now!!

    --call it what you wish, with this machine I can make mercury flow in 3 directions at once--
  2. Compromise!

    A PII is a different story. Your a least 3 releases behind in terms of processor.
    Your probably on a slot configuration so could probably upgrade to PIII 866 or so depending on your motherboard.
    And while your at it get a Kyro 2.

    I'm in the same situation.
    Had a PII 400 with a TNT card, now a Kyro 2. All I'm looking for now is a decent PIII. I've learned today that the 700E is the best by as it can overclock to 900+. Need to check my motherboard out first though. Not sure of the brand. Stupid Gateway crap.

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  3. No I'm wrong. I think the slot configuration died after 600, when the coppermines came out. CRAPPP

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  4. I've seen Slot1 CPUs up to 800MHz/100MHzFSB--though I haven't checked to see if they're on the streets. They were in Trenton SBCs and might be the product of some special arrangement between Intel and Trenton.

    Even if not, you can get a cheap slocket converter for $7 or so.


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  5. Can't you buy a slotket anymore??
  6. You have the same story about as mine. I bought a new T-bird, 1 gig & a ASUS A7V mobo to run it. I had a Viper 770 Ultra, so I put it in the 1 gig rig. I handed down to my son the Celeron 400 & it's mobo. Well my son went out & bought a entry level Geforce MX & installed it. He was playing the games that we play & had faster frame rates, & one hell of a lot better graphics to boot. I couldn't believe it. He was kicking my rear end gaming & I had the fast rig. I was using 47% memory on 256mgs of sd133 ram in Soldier Of Fortune. So I went out & bought the Geforce Ultra & went to 7% memory usage after that in the same game.

    I'll tell you that Video Board is that wrong way to look at it now. A Viper is a vid board. A Kyro is a vid board, However a Geforce is a Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) & that's how you should think about it. It is that dyanimic & powerful in these fast computers. I'd say get the Geforce, as big of 1 as you can afford, don't skrimp here, get your CPU with you next buy, you'll be a lot happier. From now on I'm putting my money in the best GPU I can find & I'd drop down in processor to afford it.

    Hope this helps. We all have allocate our Money wisely where it will do us the most good in this hobby. My son had to show me that throwing money at the fastest CPU I could buy wasn't the total answer to a killer Gaming Machine.


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  7. Yeah but, having a cpu running 1200 @ 1500 sounds good dosnt
    it ! AVE !! Go AMD.

    " overclocking = better value "
  8. Oh, I feel I should also give my account...

    Until about a year ago, I was running a PII-300. I upgraded from a RivaTNT to a GeForce DDR when the GeForces first came out--and the performance boost was amazing. I was able to play Quake3 at 1024x768 with liquid frame rate. The only reason I upgraded to an Athlon was to improve render times in trueSpace4--that, and my BX motherboard toasted a PCI slot for some reason.


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  9. I'd recommend the video board upgrade first of all... that is if you are mainly into 3D gaming. The T&L engine on the GeForce card ought to help take strain off the CPU in titles that support it. You might also consider overclocking that CPU (unless it is still under warranty, and you don't wat to void it). A friend of mine clocked his P2-350 up to 450MHz, and bought a GeForce2 Ultra. It runs CounterStrike and Quake 3 quite nicely....

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  11. has everyone forgotten that the 1ghz was ONLY available in Slot 1 package for quite awhile?

    why, oh WHY, is the world run by morons?
  12. Can't you put a 1ghz+ into a slotket? Just hypothizing since I have yet to own a pentium after my P133
  13. should be able to, as long as its a high quality slocket.
    there is going to be signifigant power going through it.

    why, oh WHY, is the world run by morons?
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