Hey guyz..

i bought this brand new hp dv7t-4100 in the us about last december...

heres the config

- Intel i5-460m
- 8gb ram (WOHOO!!!!! :D )
- ATi radeon HD5470
- a 640gb 7200 thrown in with it...
+ a blu-ray reader

the problem here is that it runs way way way too hot when im playin mw2 onl9 or assassins creed..
so to check the temperatures i installed speedfan...which on opening didnt show any i guess the sensors werent detected or worses there arent any :\ ....
i though speedfan may be the problem and tried everest but with no luck....

coul you help me guys....
this is my first hp lappy and actually think this may be running a little to hot....wel atleast an 80-90c...
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  1. As long as it is not shutting down you will be ok. Laptop do get hot.
  2. ok...but why dont the sensors work??..are there any at all?
  3. there should be download hwmonitor. that will show the current temps as well as your min and max so when your running mw2 youll see what your temps max were.
    and btw i have the i5-480m and in bfbc2 im going around low 80C to mid 85C while my gpu runs at 76. my notebook cooler did drop the cpu temps by 5-6C and my gpu by 2-3C.
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    You need to run it as an administrator to see sensors because it blocks it for normal users.
  5. I have a dv6 3052nr bought in dec and it runs hot while gaming....................if you are using it on bed or sofa the soft surfaces blocks the fan.You can easily use a fat novel or something like that to elevate to reduce some temperature or invest in a laptop cooler(best option as in gaming temp are still high).In my case novels reduce about 10C temperature.(i use a really fat one ayn rand fountainhead ;) )
  6. Thanks every one... i got speedfan runnin as admin and it workd!!!
    thanks maxxy

    and yea...i am saving for a cooler...sht the temps are bout 80!!!

    thanks again!!!!
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