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Got this minor problem, shouldn't be hard to solve, but I don't know how to!

So, I'm used to sharing my printer and having remote access from my desktop to my notebook using WIFI. Both running windows 7. I do it with that homegroup function, on win7.

However, I can't to such things in my mac. Can't share files and even worse, can't share my printer! I'd like to know if I could do the same with my desktop with windows 7 and my macbook pro.

ps: I've already tried the "add windows printer" but my printer does not shot up there.

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  1. Cmon guys no one???
  2. System Preferences >> Sharing >> check all that apply.
  3. Hi to all posting in this thread!

    Was this situation ever resolved?
    I've had the same problem ... for years ...

    Can't share files from Mac OS 10.6.8 to Win7 ...

    The Win7 machines see the Mac 10.6.8 machines fine ... no problem ... easy setup there ...
    They can pull files from that Mac OS ... and put files there ...

    ... and the Macs ... can see the Win7 machines on the network ...
    but any connection with them ... fails ... every time ... from the Mac 10.6.8 side of the situation ...

    Is this really the best that Mac OS 10.6.8 could/can ever provide ...?

    I'm amazed ... and sincerely hope there is a reasonable fix for this ...

    Mac OS 10.5.8 can see all, edit all ...

    Thanks for your time and consideration of this issue!
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