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My problem is that after a couple of weeks of having Win7 & everything being fine, suddenly any video type item I play on Media Player has spots or random pixilating "snow" on the screen. The same thing is happening on the Screen of my Compro in built TV tuner. However if I play the same thing with VLC player there is no problem. I can even record the "hashy" TV & replay on VLC & it's all good. If I do a screen capture of the TV when it is running with the bad picture & open in ACDC or similar the picture is good. I have tried all sorts of codec packs & the latest drivers for the TV (which was OK a few weeks ago anyway) all to no avail.
Has anyone got a clue???

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  1. test your hardware - may be a faulty video card
  2. i have to ask, if you have VLC why on earth would you still want to use WMP?

    if its not working, just don't use it?
  3. He's right. Just dump MP & use VLC or MPC
  4. Yeah sorry guys the WMP thing isn't my problem really & I do use VLC my problem is the screen for my on board TV card is producing the crap on the screen & I was commenting that wmp does it too. I was really wondering if there was a connection between the two? Same drivers or something. It's the TV I want to work not WMP.
    I get this hash when it's operating but when I record something & replay the recording WMP has the same crap but not VLC so its not the TV card it must be something in the software somewhere yeah???
  5. Quote:
    Sounds like it's either a graphics card driver issue, codec or just plainly a hardware issue.

    Can't see why it would be a card driver issue, the tv was working fine & with no software changes anywhere the problem started. Hardware isn't right because the recorded results can be played on VLC perfectly meaning its software/codec really but I have installed every codec upgrade known to man & no change.
    I have uninstalled the card programme & driver several times now & reinstalled the latest ones from the Compro site. I have refitted the card in another PCI slot too just in case, even though as I say it was working just fine for several months before this.
  6. OK guys thanks for your interest. Unfortunately no one came up with an answer but I got a clue elsewhere. I have a new motherboard that has a programme that you can open & overclock Gigabyte "Boost" I had gone to the maximum & this was causing grief to the video card. I went back to default GHZ & all OK>
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