Yes, you can overclock on an OEM board!

OK, I was reading on of Intel's PIII spec sheets. Turns out if you bend away the BSEL0 pin on the Celeron Coppermine FC-PGA, it is detected as a 100MHz FSB processor. By the same token, if you bend away the BSEL1 pin on a PIII 100FSB processor, it is detected as 133FSB. Further, by hot wiring certain pins, you can change the voltage. So I have to quit telling people that they cannot overclock.

I tested the Celeron with the BSEL0 pin bent away on a Hewlet Packard motherboard, it works fine and is detected as an 850 instead of a 566!

Heads up everyone! Time to overclock those POS OEM systems!

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  1. HEY CRASHMAN... can you give a bit more detailed instructions on how to do this? I have a socket 370 celeron 500 from hp... Can I do it? Please give more details... ie. where this pin is and what not. THANKS
  2. Unfortunately, your 500 uses an earlier core which will not overclock beyond 600MHz, and yours (7.5x66.6) at 7.5x100 would be 750, and would not boot. This will therefore only work with FC-PGA processors, (the Celeron 533 FC-PGA, 566, 600, and 633, and PIII 500E, 550E, 600E, 650E, and 700E). You can use these two pins to make those processors overclock to 100 (for the PIII Celery) and 133 (for the PIII-E).

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  3. I'm assuming that if you plan on overclocking you aren't too concerned about warantees? The Coppermine is almost imposible to fry-when it gets too hot it simply shuts off. Besides, if you THINK you can get the pin straightened out enough to fool Intel, then don't worry about the warantee!

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  4. DOH! : (
  5. Hmmm, interesting but still kind of risky....what if the processor ( say for instance ) the p3 will not post at 133? now you have to hope you can straighten that pin out to get it back to 100 mhz fsb. I guess if you had a way to test to make sure it could handle a fsb of 133 to be sure first then you would be ok. However, if you have an OEM board as your post states this is highly unlikely to try. Is there anyway to change the clock multiplier as well? now this would be really handy!

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  6. Drop $50 on a Celeron 566 and you can get what you want.

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  7. No way that I've found to change the clock multiplier. YOU can however bend the pin for testing, and TRY to bend it back if it doesn't work!

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  8. LOL, yep but them gold pins can be awfull fragile! Still a good read crash...but thought I might add a word of caution to any overzealous newbie thinking that bending pins back and forth has little risk :)

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  9. Any trick for slot 1 Celerons?

    Maybe I'll get a "slocket" converter and give it a try. Where can I find a diagram of the pin layout?

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  10. Has anyone actually tried this? I was contemplating it a bit and may have a better solution. What about painting the pins with something non-conductive such as nail polish? Might take a couple of tries but a little less risky. Got a couple of OEM I815's think I might pick up a p3 or celeron tomorow and play with this a bit. may need to make the entrance hole in the motherboard a wee bit larger ( just the plastic ) but still, a little less risk envolved.

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  11. has anyone tried useing white out or fingernail polish to cover that one pin kind of like they did on a slot1 celeron

    just another thought

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  12. My experience tells me that you can do this once! That is, once down, once up! The next time you try, it either breaks, or microfractures prevent the pin from carrying the signal reliably!

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  13. You can do it on a Slot1, Tom did cover that, and someone posted the link for you. You could also do it on a generic Slotket, but there really is no need to, as many Slotkets come with jumpers for this feature. You can also drill out the pin hole instead of bending the pin, I did that to a generic slotket once for the voltage modification.

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  14. Now your thinking! Drill out JUST the PLASTIC COVER hole and then you can have enough room to cover the pin with something, like the insulation from a fine wire (maybe telephone wire insulation).
    Oh, and I did TRY it first before I posted, with success on a Celeron 566 using pin bending.

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  15. as always crashman - you da man!

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  16. You have to remember that I've doing this on Socket 370 CPU's. On one motherboard and one Slotket I have raised the voltage to 1.90v from 1.50v by soldering Vid3 to VSS on the back of the board (using Intel's charts). On the Slotket, I dropped it back down to 1.70 by drilling out Vid2, but haven't made that modification to the other motherboard, I so far have left it at 1.90v.

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  17. LOL, like a condom for the pin! :tongue: I practice <b>safe</b> overclocking myself also. :smile:

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  18. I went ahead an snapped off pin BSEL0 and VID2, and soldered VID3 to VSS on the motherboard, making the CPU/Motherboard cobo permanently 850/1.70v. This CPU has already been tested at 901/1.70v on another motherboard, so I felt safe doing that.

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  19. Well, I just successfully tefloned my p3 500e up to 667... stress testing it as I post, then with the handy little tool cpufsb, I'll be trying for 750mhz. Wish me luck, and, hell the teflon idea is pure gold.

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  20. Tell me more on the Teflon-did you use tape? On a Socket or slot?

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  21. You guys are some damn commandos! Makes me feel like I haven't done anything to my rig. :(

    Of course, these are celerons and not T-Birds. I'll screw around with my cpu in a year or two...

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  22. You should see what I did to my P3, and my Geforce2 GTS! Go to the Coolers forum to find out what I did to my GTS!

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  23. This is on an fc-pga p3 500e. It was working great, but I have now deemed it very temporary. Apparently the contact slowly worked it's way through the tape, and when I restarted my system for the second time (the day after) it booted at 500 again.

    I cut a strip of common teflon tape, the kind available at hardware stores, to about 1/6" wide and slightly over twice the length of the pin, then folded it over the pin using tweezers. I did not have to widen the opening, the teflon covered pin passed into the socket easily.

    I am considering cutting the pin now, but that is a scary prospect.

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  24. If you know for sure it's stable, go ahead and break the pin off!

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  25. I can't bring myself to break the pin off, so I'll be trying insulating paint. We'll know the results late tonight.

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  26. No guts, no glory!

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  27. *******Do you think that doing the same thing to the new cel 800/100 will increase their speed to 133 bus???**********

    I have a P III 600/133, and want to oc it. I dont know how to increase the voltage. My bios wont let me do anything and my mobo has no jumpers :(

    ********Can you give me any source where I can find info. about oc a P III?********

  28. there are tons of websites and reviews about overclocking PIIIs. Just go to your favorite search engine, mine is google, and search for "overclocking pentium III" You can also go to different overclocking site like,, overclockers.ocm, blah blah blah...just go and search for some websites that has an in-depth guide.
  29. Your choices by pin modification are 66, 100, and 133. Since you cannot overclock the 600EB on your motherboard (because it is already at 133), you only have two choices-get a different motherboard or a different processor. Maybe you could trade it to someone for a 600E (100FSB)? Then you could overclock it to 800/133.

    I would not suggest trying the Celeron 800 at 133 because then it would be at 1066, which is beyond the capability of most Coppermine processors. For about $20 more you could get the PIII 700 and overclock that to 933/133, plus you get the benefit of the full 256k cache, which makes a HUGE difference in performance.
    The cheapest choice is the 566@850, using your motherboard, but even then all you have is a Celeron 850, which actually performs WORSE than your 600EB.

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  30. You could overclock it by using pin tricks to raise the voltage, then using SoftFSB to overclock the bus. I just tried soft FSB for the first time-it's slick!

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  31. People keep asking, I thought I'd bring this up again!

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  32. Yeah, good idea :)

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  33. Crashman, my niece has a Celeron 667 in an OEM box (Compaq). I suppose OC'ing to 1 ghz is too much to hope for. In that case, which CPU would you recommend as a replacement for good OC'ing? Will the system take a P3?
  34. go into the comtrol panel to system diganostics and click on it you will find out how high of a chip that it say it can take

    you proabolly have the apollo 133 chipset in there

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  35. Thanks, I'll look. The Compaq has an Intel 810e chipset.
  36. you got lucky then the one my parents end up with had the apollo 133 chipset on it

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  37. Do you know someone with a system you can test it on? Most Celeron 667's were 1.70v, which means they can be taken up in .5v increments by adding jumper wires. If you test it on, say, a CUSL2 system, or any system that allows voltage and bus speed changes, you can find out if it will run 1GHz before you modify it. I hear your chances are around 50%.
    The Celeron 566 will go to 850 with a 90%+ success rate. That's the cheapest fast one. The PIII 700 will go to 933 with a 98% success rate and would also run on that board.

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  38. I hate the 810 chipset, mainly because of the poor 3D graphics and not having an AGP port. However, my niece's computer has been bullit-proof for the year that it, and she, were off at college. It turned out to be perfect for college. She only uses it for Word Processing, Web browsing, and stategy games like Civ II, Zeus, Alpha Centauri, etc. The Celeron system was more than up to that task. The only problem we have had with the Compaq is the CD-RW only likes gold CD-R's. It doesn't like any blue dye CD-R's. No problems with any CD-RW media.

    I said earlier that the Compaq was bullit-proof. My niece loaded everything under the sun into the machine while at school. When the Compaq came home for Christmas break the thing was operating with System Resources down to 10%-20%! I as amazed! (My Duron/KT7 goes spastic when I get down to 50%). Also the Compaq is virtually silent. The only thing that can be heard is the hard drive. (With my system, I can't even hear the hard drive over the clamor of all the fans).

    As a college system it was great because it was cheap. A year ago it cost $347 (after rebates) for the system plus monitor, printer, Microsoft Word and bundled software.

    At the time I warned my sister that the price didn't include the hidden cost of 3 years of MSN. It really seemed like a bad deal after my niece's college completed the network installations in the dormitories giving her free, high-speed access to the internet. However, she was coming home just about every weekend and is actually getting plenty of use out of MSN. The family could also switch to the single account if they choose to do so but my sister like AOL better.

    By the way the Compaq Diagnostics say the maximum CPU speed is 667 mhz. However, I suspect that it is only reporting information on the CPU that is installed. Compaq was selling, at the time, an identical system with a 700 mhz P3 (presumably a 700E) so I'm pretty sure my niece's computer can take other CPUs. I'm guessing it will take any 100mhz FSB P3, FC-PGA. I was just asking for confirmation here.
  39. Hey, thanks for the information, Crashman, but I don't know anyone with a P3 system except one with another name brand system which has an 810 (not 810e) chipset. (I tried to talk him out of it by offering to build a system. I couldn't give him enough of a price break where he needed a Microsoft Office Professional, total package, and to take, in his mind, a risk with me).

    I don't know much about Intel systems (obviously) but you confirmed that my niece's computer can take a p3 700E. Will it take all P3, 100mhz FSB, FC-PGA chips? What's the fastest (in case we don't want to mess with overclocking mods)? Also, how much more performance can be expected from a P3 vs a Celeron, assume the same clock speed and that the Celeron is overclocked to 100mhz FSB?
  40. no sh!t

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  41. P3 700 to 933mhz? Are all OEM boards capable of 133mhz FSB? I'm fairly positive that none of this family of Compaqs, 5B100's (5000 series Presarios), shipped with any 133mhz processors.
  42. my commputer for college is ending up to be about 2700 dollars

    it has
    fic ad11
    256 mb pc2100
    20 gig ibm 7200 ata 100
    45 gig ibm 7200 ata 100
    ati radeon 64 mb ddr
    onboard sound
    altec speakers 5 peice set with sub woofer
    400 watt power supply
    3 com nic
    16 toshiba dvd drive
    12x plextro cd burner

    a dual boot with win 98se and linuix redhat 7.1

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  43. It should be compatable with ALL PIII's, both 100 and 133 bus versions. While some 810 motherboards only supported 66/100, I believe that was a BIOS issue as the chipset itself supports 66/100/133. If it has PC133 in it, I would go for an 800EB or a 733, as 133FSB give higher performance. But if you don't even want to check, the 750E will work with PC100 and old BIOS, and is cheaper than the 700E, just not as easy to overclock.

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  44. Oh, and the PIII is wourth about 20-30% better performance than the Celeron, at the same clock and bus speeds.

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  45. LOL! When I was in college that was beer money for a semester. Just kidding! (almost :cool: )

    My computer during college was an Atari 800 which cost me $750, dot-matrix printer - $475, B&W monitor -$50, peripheral interface box - $140, Cassette storage drive - $70, modem (0.3 kbits/sec) - $300, memory upgrades (up to 0.048 Mb) - ~$300, total about $2000. I bought the system during my 3rd year of college but it cost about as much as my 1st year's tuition.
  46. i don't have to worry about beer

    i can't drink any alchol becuase of the medicine i'm on

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  47. i forgot the 19inch prfectly flat monitor i got
    it is made at the smae factory as the veiwsonics with the same stuff on it

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  48. Crashman with the PIII800EB chipset i don't have a reference chart so that i actually know which pins i bend to raise the voltage from 1.65v to 1.70 do u have a link or place which has a picture of the VID's that i can use when i raise the voltage?
  49. go to the intel website then go to the devlopers part of it and look for it

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