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My current monitor is 5 years old and is in need of replacing. Since I am building a new PC I feel the need to upgrade the display as well. I know there are tons of threads and reviews out there regarding this but I tend to like the opinions of TH's forums so that is why I am here.

My new GPU is the nVidia GeForce GTX 680

Looking for Max res of 1920 x 1080
Adjustability, so long as it moves vertical idc really.
Prefer 27" though would go as low as 23" if the overall display would be better.
$$$, no limit really though ideally I would like to keep it around $500-600.

I have looked at Catleap. My only hesitation with that is I play the numbers game and based on reviews there is a decent percentage of people who have received monitors w/ dead pixels, enough to keep me from going that route.

The current model I have at the top of my list is:


Decent enough, or is there better for the money?
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  1. Couple questions. Are you more concerned with a better image quality or with better response times to play FPSs?

    24" is the current general standard atm for 1920x1080p for those who aren't looking to go extravagant.

    Some say they notice a loss of quality strethcing 1920x1080p to 27", others say they notice no difference and it looks better to them. So eye of the beholder and all of that.

    Best reason to go 27" is because you simply need the extra space for lots of multitasking, or to jump up to 2560x1440p for extreme definition, though that's going to be around $700.
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