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Which laptop

After seeing this laptop, I am now re-thinking a purchase. They both will be
fine for intended purposes, only the one from TD has BD, i5, intel video.
Any opinions on which is the better laptop, especially with regards to the
video solution?
The i5 and BD has me leaning heavily towards the Asus.
Thanks for the time,
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  1. I should add laptop requirements and/or uses. This would be my first laptop with no real intended purpose beyond maybe streaming and/or integrated with htpc. Of course gaming is always desireable.
  2. what type of games are you gonna be playing? because the acer has a dedicated gpu which is good for gaming. while the asus has intel graphics not good for gaming. THe asus does have a better cpu.
  3. I should note that the acer has already been purchased, just not shipped yet. I should have researched more; but I kinda got excited about the price. I haven't gamed much recently, when I do it will be mostly wow,eq and if the games got too intense, I can go downstairs to the main rig. I was mostly wanting the laptop for streaming,netflix,htpc.
    With that in mind the better cpu and BD caused me to pause a second.
    What I really want is a desktop replacement on a netbook budget -)
    I have a decent budget; but with plans for a new card downstairs, laptop, and either a htpc or push2tv etc. the budget gets tight real quick. I have to sleep next to the family accountant ;-)
    It's a "flexible $1,000" with too many plans.
    Thanks for the time,
  4. Depends on your usage.
    The acer one has 5650M which is far more powerful than Intel HD
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    Well dont worry the 5650 is a powerfull card i have the acer 4820tg with the 6550m which is practically the same higher cpu core speed and a higher voltage but they are literally the same. I play bfbc2 on high with no hbao,bloom and shadows on low in a 32man server with aa off i get about 45fps with 4xmsaa i get 35fps on 1366x768.
  6. Thanks for the advice Espada and Mazlar. Since the laptop was never inteded to be a gamer, or htpc, it will do just fine. I have spent way too much time looking/thinking well for another x$ I could go gt540, or BD, etc.
    Manufacturers live off this nonsense, or they would just offer only a few models and/or prices - budget,midlevel,gamer, and so on. It certainly would never be worth the order cancel, wait for refund, re-order, even if I did find a good deal. It would just be easier to pick up a player for the living room. And with to option to game I certainly want the dedicated card. It's been fun reading the posts; and I've learned a lot. Thank you so much for the time. Bobby
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