I have an HP Pavillion DV7 Entertainment model; you know the one that Fergie, and the other stars promoted, that just stopped working just after the manufacturers warranty expired. The screen just started blinking in and out and shortly there after it just went black. I have seen the problem described in a previous class action case, that was settled but my series was not included even though my laptop has the same Nvidia as the others that received settlement $$. My power cord would not work and I just don't understand. I have been reading about a lot of people experincing a lot of problems with these laptops. Can't anything be done. I mean this is crazy! They are selling garbage and where is the consumer protection? I am looking for some help. Laptop over a $1000 should last more than a year. What happened to the customer is always right -McDonald's employee training 101. Word of mouth, can kill sales and I too am telling everyone I know NEVER buy HP products because they do not stand behind the failing quality of what they put out there.
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  1. the laptop needs reballing repair, I do this special repair because it lasts permanently, unlike other repair guys who give you REFLOW repair which is temporary and lasts under 1 month. check me out...
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