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I need help with an idea for a talent show. My friend and I have thought long and hard but have emerged with no ideas. Our problem is that we need a way to display three "X" symbols on one projector, each controlled by a separate computer. Our talent show is themed as Americas Got Talent and we are trying to find a way to jerry wrig the displaying of "X's." The idea is that three judges will be sitting at a table, each with a laptop (Computers A,B,C), and there will be another computer (Computer D) somewhere else that is controlling a projector. We need the three laptops to somehow connect wirelessly to computer D and display an "X" on the projector when the judge presses a key. We have run through many ideas such as VNC, collaborative Google presentations, up to 7 computers, etc. etc. but all of these ideas display the "X's" in a left to right order. We need it to be so that if computer C presses a key, the corresponding "X" will display with the judges name on the projector. The computer teacher at our school is fairly strict and will not let us download any programs on the school computers, though, we do have three home laptops that we could bring in if need be. We consider ourselves fairly tech savvy and are rarely unable to solve a problem. At this point any idea is a good one. Thanks!
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  1. the only thing i can think of at this exact moment (on a train), is to cheat! Make a slideshow with all combinations of possibilites:
    Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 etc etc.
    X X X A X X X B X

    have a note of which slides correspond to which outcomes, and have the person operating the slideshow somewhere where they can see the judges pressing their "buttons" (fake buttons of course!!!)

    best of luck, will post if i have any BETTER ideas!
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