P4 vs. Athlon 1333... vs PIII?

I was just looking at the review of the Pentium4 1.7 GHz chip. Does it really suck that badly in comparison to the Athlons? I honestly didn't know what 62.3% of the numbers in that review meant, so I'd appreciate some kind of analogy from someone.... also, how would a P4 1.7GHz match up with a PIII 500MHz?
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  1. in most applications its better but the p4 wins in the video and auido and mepg encoding
  2. Dual P3 1ghz are faster then a P4 1.7ghz and Athlon 1.33ghz. Well in Win NT4 and windows 2000 and Linux.

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  3. That depends a lot on the application and how well it scales across multiple CPUs. In some cases, the dual P3 system is faster, in some cases, it's not.


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  4. But more programs will be dual cpu ready. Look at Programming C++ you can compile 2x as fast. Autocad You need SMP or you have 1 hell of video card. SMP is the next wave. Well i would not be surpized if Intel or AMD make SMP in 1 chip.

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  5. Hey Xerxes is that you, from Battlezone????

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  6. The P4 is not great... yet.

    The chip is a bit like a bottle of wine, it will improve with age. Once Northwood arrives there should be plenty of optimised code for it, and it will deliver far better real performance than today.

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  8. What really has been demonstrated with the 1.7GHz P4 is that it really depends on the application. The Athlon excels in Busness, Web apps. The P4 1.7GHz beats the Athlon in video apps, and encoding.
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