Building new system, please take a look

I'll start by saying, time and money is an issue here. I can't buy everything I want and I don't really have time to put this together myself, so I'm hopefully going to pay a company to do it for me. Also if I somehow fry a part while putting it together there is no money to replace the part for a while, so I'd just be otu of luck. I have a few modems laying around the house, and an extra pair of altec lansing speakers. I also have extra mice and keyboard so none of that is needed.

My order of importance is speed>graphics>everything else>sound. I usually play games on the computer, and its usually at night with my kids asleep in the next room so I play with the sound almost off. The company I was looking at was Monarch Computers. I have a friend that used them and he said everything went ok. They are pretty good on

Custom PC $40.00 <is this too much to pay for custom built?>
Cases: 100303-1 Enlight 7237 Mid ATX w/ 350 PS $95.00
Motherboards: 110044 - Asus A7M266 DDR $199.00
Processor: 120420 - AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1200 MHz $172.00
Memory: 140826 - 256 MB DDR 2100 $119.00 <I know I can get this $30 cheaper from Crucial, but I figured with the extra shipping/hassle of dealing with another company it might be worth the $30>
Hard Drives: 150505 - IBM 30 GB 7200 $139.00
DVD: 160701 - Pioneer 16x DVD with 40x CD-Rom $89.00 <wanted a toshiba, but they dont' offer it>
CD ReWriters: None
Floppy Drives: 170101 - 1.44MB 3.5 inch Floppy Drive $14.00
Sound Cards: 180210 - Creative SoundBlaster Live Value PCI $49.00
Video Cards: 190110 - Asus 64MB AGP-V7700 GeForce2 GTS $240.00 <wanted the ultra or a 3, but the money isn't there>
Operating System: 210104 - Windows ME Millennium Edition $119.00 <is this reasonable price?>
Warranty: 000007 - 1 Year - Parts Only - Barebone/ Case & Mo
Heat Sink Fan: 130205 - Tai-Sol CEK733092 CPU Cooling Fan $20.00
Case Fan: 100510 - Add-On Fan for Enlight 7237 and Fulltower $15.00 <this is a rear fan to go along with front fan, I heard the 1.2 ghz can get pretty hot, is this needed?>

Total system price would be $1310+s/h. Budget was 1200+s/h but I think I can convince the wife to go a little higher.
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  1. I have 3 real quick suggestions since I don't have time to write more right now.

    First off, crucial is supposedly a good reliable company so I wouldn't worry too much about any hastles. You might as well save a bit of money.

    Second, Windows ME is wasted money. If you have 98se I would stick to it.

    Third, did you get the 1.2 Ghz 266 or the 200? You should get the 266.

    Good luck

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  2. nice pc
    keep win 98. I swiched back from win ME to win 98 SE because I liked it better.
  3. also right know shipping is free form crucial and i order memory form them and got in the two days of shipping that they siad with out any hassel at all
  4. Looks like a good set up here is price quote for the same thing but from

    • Assemble your selected configuration
    • Load necessary software/drivers
    • Thoroughly test system & check compatibility
    • No REFUNDS on assembly/testing
    Please allow 5-7 working days for assembly $79.99

    Microsoft Windows Millenium Edition $95.00

    1.44MB FDD
    (ASUS A7A266-Specs; AMD T-BIRD 1200(266MHZ); 256MB NON-ECC PC2100; ENLIGHT 7237/3Specs) $488.00


    IBM 30.0GB 07N4774 EIDE ULTRA ATA/100 LP DESKSTAR 7200RPM 75GXP (Retail) $135.00



    Sub Total $1,157.99

    I have heard good things about both companies I personally will only order my hardware from mwave. I hope this helps.

    “Build your own you will love it more”
  5. Someone suggested that if he already has win98 to use it but if he is having it custom built wouldn't he have to buy an os from them? I doubt they would let him bring in his own OS especially if it an oem version. I guess he could just have them put the harware together and load the OS himself but the main reason it costs 40 dollars is the time it takes to load all the software and drivers.
  6. well first off the main reason for your point should be that the OS will cost him $100
    second he said "I don't really have time to put this together myself, so I'm hopefully going to pay a company to do it for me."
    third what i would do is buy all my hardware seperatly then put it together my self however this guy wanted to know of a good place who could to for him so I WAS TRING TO HELP HIM. He has picked out a really good set up and is obviously not a moron and going to out and buy a compaq but on the other hand does not want to build it him self so thus the link the mwave.

    “Build your own you will love it more”
  7. Thanks for all the replies so quickly.

    Yes it is a 266. Thanks for the advice on windows, I have a copy of 98 somewhere and I think I have the time to install that on my own. Software is easy, I can do that with the kids 'helping', hardware with a 3 year old helping isn't easy.

    I'll look into mwave as well to try to get the best deal. Also I think I'll go ahead and order the Ram seperately, I'll want to open up the case to inspect it anyway... and RAM takes all of 30 seconds to install.
  8. If your aim is to save money as you say, may i suggest you slip back from DDR and just use plain sdram on something like a asus a7v... will save you money and with a beast like that your not likely to notice any performance loss unles syou time things with a stopwatch :)
    and u can use the extra money to get say a little more ram or something else :)

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  9. The price on DDR was around $5 more than the prices for sdram, so I figured it was a worthwhile upgrade. I will buy it from crucial though where it is only $80. The imporant part for me is the speed and I feel the processer, ram and mobo are the way to go for speed. If I cut back on anything it will be elsewhere. I'm right on budget now though so unless someone things one part I listed is terrible or incompatable I think this will work out well.
  10. I noticed that you'll be using the Asus A7M266 with a SoundBlaster Live. Just beaware that there are compatibility issues with VIA southbridge (which the Asus A7M266 has) and the SBLive.. the problem is common amoung VIA chipset motherboards and should, but not always, be fixed by installing VIA's latest compatibiliy updates.

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  11. the enlight casing is not a very good choice(depending on where you are)it has crappy air flow. I know cuz i have one.
    my room temp for the past few months have been around 31+ degrees celcius so you can imagine my cpu and mobo temp.

    Press any key to continue...
    I can't find the any key!!!
  12. look this system from "" it's exactly like you want it, with a geforce3:

    *athlon 1200mhz (266mhz fsb).
    *asus a7m266.
    *256 mb pc2100 ddr sdram.
    *IBM 30gb, udma/100, 7200rpm hard drive.
    *creative labs 12x dvd.
    *hercules 3d prophet3 64mb ddr geforce3 agp dvi/tvout.
    *sound blaster live value.
    *mid tower case with fans, and 300w power supply.
    *3.5in floppy drive.
    *assambled and tested with 1 year warranty.
    you can make it at 1275$ with a leadteck geforce3 in steed than a hercules geforce3.
    and you can make it at 1084$ with a geforce2pro 64mb ddr.
    So check the site, it can be important for you.
  13. iF SOUND isnt a big deal to you you can just use the built in sound with the A7M266

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  14. Its funny how AMD lemmings hate/avoid windows ME, ME is a great OS for those who own 100% intel compatable CPU'S

    But sice you went the cheapo route, enjoy win98SE.

    Your the one missing out =)

    ME really sucks bad on AMD huh? AHAHAHAHAHAHA. just one more notch in the AMD sucks totem poll.
  15. Fugger that was a big flame. Say sorry you piece of sh!t.

    Nice Intel users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  16. GEE that's funny last time I started my computer I saw "Windows ME"............ must have been faked

    I am the first and only one with a 16MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card! :smile:
  17. <b>the enlight casing is not a very good choice(depending on where you are)it has crappy air flow</b>
    I have 2 Enlight 7237 cases and haven't had any problem with heat!
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