Driver update

m unable to open ms office ..some games..n sm other s/w..
which drivers should i download for windows7 ?
i m sure tht its driver problem only..
my pc is lenovo 3000H SERIES..(DUAL CORE PROCESSOR)

pls suggest :bounce:
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  1. What makes you so sure that it's just a driver problem?

    When Microsoft Office applications won't open (or any other application for that matter) it is very rarely, if ever, caused by a bad or missing driver.

    Missing drivers usually cause hardware problems, not software problems, but if you're convinced it's only a driver problem you can download them from Lenovo Support. Go here and choose your country if it's not the UK:

    If installing Lenovo drivers doesn't help, I suggest you back up your data to a second hard drive or external hard drive, then perform a factory recovery.
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