Current using an ssd how much power does the usb take

OKay ive been on the web for about 30-45min I have 80% battery life left im using an ssd instead of an hdd. My laptop according to windows i have about 5hr and 4min left. I was just wondering if using firefox portable on a usb to use the web would be a good idea till I put an hdd in the optical drive bay so I can put all the writing/cache on the harddrive instead of the ssd?
So i guess to put it short would using a usb kill battery faster?
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    You're using a SSD and want to use a USB flash drive? Yes that would probably kill battery faster since the SSD is still needed for the OS but not significantly. An HDD in the optical bay would most definitely not improve battery life. Since you have a modular drive bay(you do don't you?) the best option is probably a battery slice for the optical drive bay.
  2. oh well i used the comp for 2hours and still manage to have 65%+ battery life in it. Using firefox portable going to forums.checking email etc.. basic websurfing. The hdd in the optical bay would just for me to install my other games a few shows etc.. I do not use the dvd drive in a laptop other than to install os office and done. I burn my movies/music on my desktop transfer it to a portable hdd. As having the hdd would consume more battery life as your saying there is a way for me to have spindown not having complete drainage in a laptop but still be functional to save stuff in. Either way I got help in the corsair forums to put the cache and stuff instead of the ssd to the memmory. but thanks alot unique
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