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Just put together a new system (my first), and I have a couple of questions about its initial setup. I am running a 1.2GHz Athlon TBird/266FSB with a ASUS A7V133 Socket A Mb/133Mhz Bus. In the BIOS, the CPU is defaulted to a core of 9 with a 100 order to get it to run at 1200, do I just crank that 9 up to 12? Or do I change that 100 to something else? I do not want to overclock it, just want it to run at 1.2. And what is the normal operating temperature for this cpu? Mine seems awfully hot - 65C with a Chrome Orb and 2 case fans (that's with the 9 cranked up to 12...which I'm not sure I should be doing anyway). Room temp is about 75F. And finally, is there anything else I should to optimize the way this setup runs? The only thing I have changed is that 9 to 12 and the speed to the RAM (up to 133 from 100). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Don't mess with the voltage. Change the 100 (FSB) the 133 and you will be at 1.2ghz.

    Good luck.

    I bought a pentium once!
    Everybody makes mistakes..
  2. So put that 12 back to 9 and crank the 100 to 133. Got it, glad I didn't fry anything. Thanks.
  3. Saved like five bucks huh, im sure that baby is very stable at 75C HAHAHAHAHA. GL on HSF re-install.

    HSF re-install is common practice for AMD owners.

    What are the chances you damaged your CPU? Enjoy your anomolies.

    Next time build a Intel based system and you wil not be here with your dick in your hands wondering wtf is wrong with your machine.
  4. Thats way to hot for your setup. Who installed
    your HSF? Are you using thermal pad or paste?

    I got a 1G with a VolcanoII + Arctice Silver
    and I've never gone up higher than 51C under
    load (thats after Quake3 for awhile)

    Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
  5. Paste...but probably not enough (should've posted here BEFORE I did anything :P). Will check that tonight. Surprisingly it has been stable so far, luckily it has been on very little. Will check the paste and fix the BIOS setting on the voltage & multiplier. Would that voltage setting being too high affect the heat? Oh, and fugger, your post was most helpful. Fugg off.
  6. LMAO!!!

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
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