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My system is currently running an AMDK6-2 300mhz CPU with 3DNow technology through a FIC VA-503+ motherboard. After perusing FIC's website, I concluded that the version of my board could only handle a 400mhz version of the K6-2. I bought a AMDK6-2 400 that I now have in my possession and have questions about the upgrade.

I have installed many different components in the past (drives, cards, fans, etc.) but I have never touched the CPU. What needs to be done to upgrade? Is it as simple as taking out the old CPU, putting in the new one, and rebooting? I am afraid that I am oblivious to settings or configuration options and I will bring down my system and render it unuseable.

What needs to be done?

Thank you.
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  1. I could be wrong but I believe that your motherboard will require jumper configuration changes. You need to consult your mobo manual or it can be found on the website of the manufacturer if you don't have the manual.

    Set the jumper to 100mhz fsb and 4.0 multiplier versus the 3.0 multiplier that you are using currently.

    Use new thermal paste if there isn't any currently or if it is not sufficient in quantity after replacing the cpu.

    Good Luck

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  2. Whatever you do don't f*ckup, lol. Actually, I prefer to get good and wasted before i upgrade my pc, it seems to give me the patience i need. Take your time, read, read, read, and when your done reading, read some more. Don't ever force anything. Also, check out toms little do it yourself article on how to build your own pc. It's pretty clear.

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  3. "a FIC VA-503+ motherboard"

    Is this a "super-7" board ? ie, does it support 100 Mhz fsb ? if it does, you'll have to configure it for 100 Mhz fsb and 4 as multiplier. If not, 66 fsb and 6 as mulitplier (if it goes that high). You may also need to adjust the voltages.. read you motherboard manual, and find out just what voltages the k6-2 400 requires.

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  4. In theory award bios will autochange or something like that.
  5. i check my BH6 User's Manual.

    there is 2 method
    1 discharge the cmos.
    2 set it to the slower config change the cpu and reconfig.
    normaly there a automode.
  6. Yeah no new drivers need to be installed as long as you aren't changing the motherboard. It's really easy to do.

    1. Unclip the HSF unit from the socket.
    2. Lift the Lever next to the CPU socket, and then gently pick up the CPU.
    3. Put in the new cpu, and then lower back down the Lever.
    4. Re Clip the HSF unit, and then you're done.

    Oh and one other note some mobos will automatically change the multiplier, but some you do need to change some DIP switches, or Jumpers. And your mobo has to support the 100FSB because all K6-2's use 100MHz fsb.
  7. Those guys just don't know. Yes, you need to change the jumpers to get it to work at 400MHz. If you do not have the manual, get the online documentation from FIC.
    Repeat, you DO need to change your multiplier to 4X and your bus speed needs to be set at 100MHz. By jumper. So do it.

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  8. "Repeat, you DO need to change your multiplier to 4X and your bus speed needs to be set at 100MHz"

    I think a K6-2 will also run hapily at a 66 fsb if your mb doesnt support 100 Mhz fsb.. if you can get the multiplier high enough

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  9. I'm quite confused given the wide array of advise I have recieved. I cracked open my motherboard manual (again for a FIC VA-503+) and I'm unclear as to what exactly I need to set.

    They list the AMD K6-2 300 as having a Freq. of 300, Bus Freq. of EITHER 66mhz with a Ratio of 4.5x or a Bus Freq. of 100 and a Ratio of 3x. I know I am running on a 100mhz bus, so I then concluded that I was running at a 3x ratio.

    Their listing for the AMDK6-2 400mhz has a Freq. of 400, a Bus Freq. of 100, and a ratio of 4x.

    Am I correct in saying what I need to do is the following:

    1) remove old fan, heatsink, cpu.
    2) install new CPU, thermal paste, heatsink, fan.
    3) change only the "ratio" (as the manual calls it) from 3x to 4x by changing the jumper settings on my board (FREQ1-FREQ3) according to the diagram I am looking at.
    4) reboot with fingers crossed.

    I truly appreatiate everyone trying to help me out. Let me know what to do.

  10. Surly the best advice go to a shop and pay 10$ if that dont work i will retry if blow-up he reponsable
  11. you proboly want to see if there is any new bios for your mobo
  12. CompUSA quoted me at $83 for the job. That's when I said no thanks.
  13. ou are absolutely correct, if you have the 100MHz bus speed version of the 300, all you need to set is the multiplier to 4x. If you had the 66MHz version, you would want to set the bus to 100MHz first, but since you have the 100MHz version, you are correct. These other guys are just guessing, but I have experience with that motherboard.

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  14. He has the VA-503+, which has 100MHz bus speeds. Evidently you weren't around that far back, so I forgive you.
    Also, all Pentium motherboards that support dual voltages can run the K62-400 at 400, due to the 2x=6x multiplier interpretation built in. But any motherboard that can support 100MHz bus doesn't need to use that trick.

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  15. Heh doesn't need new bios, all he needs to do is install the chip and change the multiplier.

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  16. The VA-503+ was once the king of Super 7 motherboards. So it does support 100MHz FSB. The k6-2 300 normally runs the same voltage as the 400.

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  17. There is no "automode" for the Socket 7 platform. The K6-2's never included multiplier locks, and only the later Intel Pentiums had them. All the motherboards utilized multipliers, which could be overridden only by those later model Intel Pentiums. He has to use jumpers.

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  18. ALL motherboards for the K6-2 need the multiplier and bus speed configured manually. ALL of them. There are NO exceptions.

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  19. "Evidently you weren't around that far back"

    Ahem.. Actually its not unlikely Im twice your age.. and I've been around since the TR80 model 1.. But I didnt follow the super socket 7 platform, I used a P1 and P2 back then. Didnt much like all the problems that were associated with SS7.

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  20. If you were twice my age, you'd be either dead or retired!

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