First time builder questions.

First some background.
I have a Dell P2-350 on an SE440-bx 100fsb board.
I was going to upgrade to the slot1 1Ghz chip, but then I figured out that I could almost build a new system for the same cost.
I already have a new 30Gb Maxtor, Panasonic floppy, 256Mb pc133 ram and I'll swap my Geforce256 over.
I'm looking at 4 boards in different price ranges.
1) MSI K7T Turbo raid
2) IWill KK266R
3) Asus A7A 266(ddr and sdram)
4) Gigabyte 7DXR

Any thoughts?

Also, I'm only going to go with a Duron for now. Which would be better? The 800-850-900? I'm not planning on heavy overclocking and will buy the retail CPU and upgrade when I can afford to.

Thanks for any help. I also posted on the Motherboard forum.
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  1. right know the 800 has the must bang for its buck

    what do you plan on doing with it
  2. Home office. Some gaming.
    I'll network it to the Dell and the kid can have that one.
    At least with the Duron if I do decide to "Play" with the overclocking and kill it it doesn't cost a lot, but 800 or 900 is the question.
    Down the road I'll go with an Atlon or Palomino.
    DDR is nice but I already have Ram(cost factor).
  3. Well the A7A266 is your best bet.

    Nice Intel and AMD users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  4. I highly recommend the giga-byte ga-7dx. Solid performing, stable, high quality motherboard at a very reasonable price $137.

    -- Chaos is the better order.
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