Faster ram vs Faster CPU

I am looking at 2 netbooks from Asus...

One has DDR2 but a 1.6 processor vs DDR3 and only a 1.2 ghz processor... same price

which will be better value... planned use is light office work and web
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  1. For light office and basic web browsing, I would opt for the higher speed processor. It also depends on which processors they are, if one is a AMD and the other is an Intel, or if one is a true dual-core rather then a single core with hyperthreading, that would make a huge difference.

    which two netbooks are you looking at?
  2. I'd go for a faster processor. Can you give us some more specific details as to which models these are?
  3. The processor is usually bottlenecked my earlier than the RAM, so go for the CPU.
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