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Hi there, i am looking to buy a new laptop to replace the one i have now and this is what i am looking for

Budget- £550 (could possibly stretch to £650 maximum)

Size - anything over 15'

Resolution - 720p at least would be nice

Type - Desktop Replacement

Battery Life - Doesn't matter, will be plugged in most of the time

Games - WoW (high if possible), Starcraft 2 (as high as possible)

Other Tasks - Photoshop, Movies, Programming

Storage - 500gb +

Sites - http://www1.euro.dell.com/uk/en/home/dell-laptops/xps-15/pd.aspx?refid=xps-15&s=dhs&cs=ukdhs1&dgc=BA&cid=41143&lid=1069632&acd=239793726301437

How Long - 3 Years + preferably

Optical Drive - DVD ROM/Writer

Brands - One brand i really stay away from is Compaq, my current laptop is one and gets really hot quickly and then runs slow so can never use it to its full potential. I have no preference on brand really apart from that I'v only been looking at Dell so far because they seem reliable and well built machines

Country - England

Additional Info - I prefer Intel processors and would like (if possible for my price range) an Intel i5 such as the dell xps 15 linked above. Also a decent dedicated graphics card would be greatly appreciated, No integrated ones if possible please

i know it is alot to ask and i really appreciate any help i get, Thank you
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  1. Personally I would not go for a Dell. The only Laptop brands I would recommend are

    1) Sony. I currently have a Sony VAIO I3. It runs cool and quiet and I have had no issues.

    2) Toshiba. I also have a Toshiba Core 2 and it has been a good laptop.

    3) ASUS. I bought one of these in 2004. I sold it to my Father in Law and it is still going without any issues 7 years on.
  2. Thanks, ill look into it.
  3. I buy a lot of laptops at work and Dell is fine. I think part of Dells success hurts them as people without any PC knowledge buy them now and they really mess them up, then blame Dell for their problems. 95% of them are fine which is on par for most brands.

    The XPS is good as long as you configure it with the parts you need. Not sure you will get it for your price though...I didnt look at the link. Gaming laptops need higher speced CPUs and GPU's and as a rule they dont get them.

    You typically pay for the warranty coverage and length - so be sure to compare the same time frames for coverage.
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