[$400~]120 hz Monitor - No 3d needed


- Don't need any 3D capabilities
- Good Picture quality
- No Ghosting
- ~24°
- good viewing angle

I am doing 2d and 3d art , play video games and watch movies. I don't need any 3d. I already informed myself but I am still not quite sure which monitor I should pick. I live in Germany and some monitors are just ridiculously expensive here, for example the samsung 700AD costs here around $700. I would say my budget is around < $400.

What would you recommend me?
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  1. if you want a monitor you only get to pick one of the two. either 120hz or good viewing angles.

    tn panels are the only monitors which support 120hz currently but also have the worst viewing angle of all monitor types. ips panels offer the best in terms of viewing angles as well as greater color accuracy which would be better for your art.

    technically if you bought a television you could get 120hz and good viewing angles but they only accept a 60hz input signal and fake the rest so it technically isn't any better. this faking in of frames also can cause visible lag in games. i wouldnt suggest this route if you want 120hz gaming.

    if you want a high quality monitor but are on a strict budget perhaps it would warrant looking at refurbished monitors. you can get a factory refurbished s-ips/p-ips/h-ips monitor for 2/3 the price (which should be in your budget then).

    just an idea.
  2. any recommendation for a 120hz monitor? I read now tons of different reviews , ranging from $200 to $600 monitors and all reviews rated them no more then 3/5. I don't throw my money out of the window for a "okayish" monitor.

    Do good 120hz monitor even exist?
  3. The BenQ XL2420T seems to get a lot of good reviews in that price range. It is 24".
  4. bystander said:
    The BenQ XL2420T seems to get a lot of good reviews in that price range. It is 24".

    I also read plenty of review for the 2420t and I am not convinced.

    was the best review that i have found so far.

    The ghosting is pretty visible

    even with adjustments


    I am not sure if this will bug me.
  5. kantaki said:

    You can't judge ghosting by a snap shot. Camera's keep the shutter open long enough that multiple frames will show with movement.
  6. Okay thanks I found a review on prad.de which rated the monitor "very good". But they also said its not usable for image editing. Are there 60hz monitors available which have an excellent image quality + excellent responsiveness for games?

    Would you recommend me buying a 120hz monitor at this time?
  7. You can't have both responsiveness and great color. Also response time is not really what makes a game feel responsive. Response time is how fast a pixel changes from one color to another and back. This helps with ghosting, which TN panels, and especially 120hz TN panels are going to excel at reducing. The IPS panels, which are for good color, have poor response times in comparison.

    Responsiveness comes from the time you move your mouse and how fast it gets updated on the screen. This is improved by at least 3 things. Starting at the mouse, a good polling rate means it's movements are picked up as fast as possible, then the graphics card being able to render it as fast as possible, followed by your refresh rate which determines how often it grabs the image from the frame buffer and displays it. A 60 hz monitor will display images a maximum of 60 times per second, meaning frames can sit in the buffer up to 16ms between frames. A 120hz monitor improves that to 8ms.

    Until I got a 120hz monitor, I always got nauseated when playing 1st person and over the shoulder view games when controlling the action with a mouse. After getting a 120hz monitor, I can eliminate that problem with at least 80 FPS or more. This is because the latency between moving my mouse and updating an image is much more responsive.
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