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I am reformatting my hard drive and recovering the original configuration via a recovery CD. I have an HP Pavilion (PIII 667) running Windows 98SE. All went well and I was reinstalling applications. When I installed an HP printer driver (HP LaserJet 6L) and rebooted the system would not boot into the operating system. It got past the BIOS messages and then stopped with the message: "Load Error!" "Press a key to reboot..." Upon pressing a key it repeats the error. The system will reboot from a floppy or CD and the hard drive is accessable but I cannot get into windows. I reseated all the boards in the PC and checked all the cable connections. I was able to reformat the hard drive and recover the system with the recovery CD again but still come up with the same error message and am unable to get past it.

Anybody have any idea what this error message means or how to overcome it?? I am desperate! It appears to have turned my PC into a paperweight.

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  1. Hmmm that sounds like one hella problem, if i were you, and depending on who made your hard drive, like maxtor or seagate or who ever. Go to their website and download their low level formating utility. This isnt accually a low level formating utility, but it writes 0's to the whole hard disk. I think all you do is download their program, and put it on a floppy and reboot. Then boot to the floppy disk and run it... If that doesnt work then i would call up HP and givem hell...

    -Drew if you tell me who makes your HD, i can help you find the program you need... Hope this helps
  2. Once you get to the point where that error occurs, you could try reloading the OS off a regular Win98SE OEM CD, borrow one if you have to. I believe the problem might be a damaged CD, but the damage might have been to the data ON the CD before the CD was made, so that would leave you hopeless. At the point your sytem stops, I'm guessing most of the proprietary drivers are loaded, so that a reinstall over the top of it with a normal 98SE OEM CD would probably clean up the bad file.

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