Keeping our Cpu's cool, home cooling ideas?

I have been thinking..

Anyone have there own good cooling techniques?
I have been thinking lately and there must be some good ways we can cool our towers and hardware components down for overclocking purposes and also general cooling.

Other then having a ton of fans, sure people have tried water, and Liquid Nirogen etc..
but i mean ther must be other ways.

Anyone have any ideas?
I was kind of thinking about a car, its cooled buy the antifreeze coolant absorbing the heat around the engine..

Im on my embark for some new techniques.

Anyone have any ideas on there own?

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  1. a car uses the same techniques as water cooling does. THe whater circulatest through the hot engine and cools it and goes to the radiator where a fan blows on it cooling the liquid and then it is circulated back into the engine.

    Same [-peep-] with watercooling a cpu the water goes by the cpu cooling it and then goes to the rad which is then cooled. very efficient process. OH ya and the ony reason engine coolant is used instead of water is becuase the liquid has to absorb to be able to be heated too above 120 degrees celcius without boiling!
  2. Have u tried opening the case and blowing on it.

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  3. nah - too much hot air from him! lol

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  4. um - you mean like a watercooler? yeah - a few... oh yeah, antifreeze coolant is mostly water. If you use pure antifreeze in you engine for any length of time something will corrode to nothing...

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  5. Turn Tbirdinside on reverse and what frost cold air come out his mouth. Switch is some where. I now Run you PC in a A/C room at 45f.

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  6. im serious guys

    i really do want to think of better cooling ideas.


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  7. Like i say. Cut a whole in the case. Make a vent and hook an A/C too it.

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  8. why are u posting but not online icq man?

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  9. There is already a forum for this topic.

    I use the A/C technique. works extreamly well during the summer. Mave sure you remove from vent for winter =P
  10. actually the antifreezze keeps it for freezing
    the water weont' start to boil because the pressure in the system is much higher than the pressure outside of it in which cause it boil at a lower tempature.

    last time i check the cares thermoeter it was at about 90 to 95
    i'm gussing in the conversion
    it is 195 f pretty much all the time once it gets warmed up
  11. Some dude took a small fridge, cut a hole in the side ran a duct to his pc to blow cold air in it.

    Another guy just put the whole pc except the cd and floppy inside one. It was cheaper than some computer cases plus it was "air conditioned" - not mention it could accomodate some liquid refreshments..

    I thought about using a small frigde to hold a water resevoir for a water cooling system.

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  12. I recommend one of those nice pure aluminum cases with dual fans for air intake at the bottom of the front of the case as well as a fan on top of the case (heat rises, this is most efficient) and behind the case for host air exhaust.

    The pure aluminum case acts almost like a giant heatsink, more effectively leaking heat to the outside. If you wanted to couple this by putting it into a refrigerator it would be even better. The aluminum case would work great in one of those.


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  13. I have one of those aluminium cases, with fan settings just like that.......I have a horrible HSF on my athlon 1.2 OC'd to waiting for my FOP38 and artic silver II...what i have is like retail HSF, maybe worse....but with a little cooling program, While surfing web, I am at 32 C

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  14. For car most of turbocharge car are colling by the turbo itself go look at subaru website, you will see.

    For the fridge not sure.Water cooling $$$$.
  15. I was considering this, however it seemed pretty hard to get cable length to run CD and Floppy to outside of fridge.

    I guess the answer is not to locally mount CDs but network mount them? Floppy is used so rarely anyway...

    Also, not too sure - but how much heat does a fridge actually pump? Can it cope with 100+watts? Also, all you get is colder air, your cpu is still going to be in the 20s. Why not use the cooling system from a fridge or freezer and either home build a vapochill/kryochill, or use it to actively cool your water in a water cooler - no fans!

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  16. why not put your computer on the dark side of the moon where it is really cold then run really long cables down.

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  17. possibly but I think the limit on IDE is 18" or 24", which is going to make that 300,000km run tricky.

    In fact, even if the electrons ran at lightspeed, it will still take approx. 1 second for the signal to reach my desk. That seems a little high.

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  18. Why a cpu that has no heat issues...then you couls use your brain for something useful.
  19. The best idea I have seen recently is here:,1000000183,39152409,00.htm

    Looks like it will be a while though.
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