Motherboard wont recognize new sound card

Alright, hope you guys might have a little insight on my issue here. I had a custom PC built for me recently by a friend. Everything was installed except the sound card. I bought a creative recon 3d fatality sound card and looked up how to do it and its pretty straight forward.. However, no matter which PCI slot i plug it into upon computer start up my computer dosnt even recognize that there is an audio output device. I tried downloading the new drivers tons of times, rebooting, uninstalling the reinstalling.. Nothing seems to work and nobody really knows why. Also tried to F2 on start up to try and switch my motherboards audio out from a default setting but it really dosnt even give me that option.

-AMD phenom 2 x4 945 processor
-MSI motherboard
-750w power supply
-18G ram
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  1. Disable onboard audio. Remove drivers for both onboard and card. Install card. Boot. Computer/system properties/device manager/sound, video and game controllers. Card should be listed. Install drivers. If that doesn't work, then your PCI or PCIe slot may be disabled. Check your BIOS for that.
  2. How do I one, disbale onboard audio and two, enable the PCI slot?
  3. As maestro0428 suggested, check your motherboard manual (especially the BIOS menu explanation part).
  4. Apparently my BIOS for my MSI motherboard has no option to disbale/enable PCIe slots... I pressed F2 to go to the setup menu upon system start up and i combed through every clickable option and there was nothing similar to this.. The card lights up when its plugged in so i know its getting power, but It just might as well not even be plugged in according to my computer
  5. I take it you have disabled onboard audio? I am going to look for some screen shots of your BIOS and get back to ya. Could you be more specific on your motherboard model?
  6. I have looked at a few screen shots and haven't found any PCIe/PCI controls, so you should be okay there. Maybe you need to update your BIOS.
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