HOT HOT 1.33 T-Bird

I just assembled a compueter of my friends. It is a Athlon TBird 1.33 Ghz on an Iwill KK266 Mobo with a swiftech MC370-0A fan arctic silver and a coupla case fans.

I have all the temps monitored and was told that the proc should not be pushed over 55 degs Celcius. On its first boot up without overclocking it hit 55 and I turned it off very quickly.

What is the temp a 1.33 Ghz should be at during POST and windows operations? Is 55 alright. It didn't even stop there, I just turned off the machine at that point. Should I let it go until it does platau? What happens if it does get too hot? Does it shut off automatically?


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  1. that is hot..
    but my duron 800 its VERY hot and humid here today and all week mine is at 46 steady...
    it hit 50 2x but i only have the cpu fan on it no other fans and also no thermal grease so..
    maybe its time for a tower fan and some arctic silver

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  2. 55 should be your ideal pactical limit for extended operation. Since most processors will not operate over 65C, and the limit of the material is 90C, I would let it boot anyway.

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  3. How hot is the inside of the case? I don't think you should be THAT alarmed at 55, anything over 60 and I would be concerned. Most folks with MEGA coolers are running in the mid to upper 40's under load.

    I recently got a 1.33 and have been running at around 53 under full load. From what I've read this is on the high side but not that bad for a 1.33. If you run consistantly above 60 you may take the life of the CPU to around 5 years. But within 3 years you'll be able to find a 1.33 for $30 bucks (if that).

    My CPU was running around 58 full load for awhile, but when I took the front grille off my case it dropped by 5. So for starters try taking your case off and see if your temps drop much. Good luck!
  4. I am running a 1.2gh @ 1.33 on my KK266 mobo and my temperature is between 41c-45c with a system temperature in the high 20s to low 30s. Artic Silver II and Alpha cooler. CPU voltage at 1.78 volts. Sounds like a retail HSF, is that so?

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  5. A stock 1.33 chip with ok case ventilation and stock swiftech 370 shouldn't hit 50 degrees. The 370 is a good cooler, and if you are getting over 55 degrees then either,

    Your monitoring software is screwed (if bios told you this, then your are to option b)


    The heatsink is not installed properly. You do have the spings the right way round, right? Using thermal compound? Fan turning? Heatsink the right way round? if you are not certain of any of the above, re-read the instructions and check. I ran a 1.33 stock with 370 and delta fan (what fan are you using?) and it was around 45 degrees max loaded temp, usually lower, even at load.

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  6. Just a thought, have you checked the voltage in bios? I have a 1 gig athlon (running at 1300 today- normally 1350, different story..), runs about 50c under load (i.e. genome@home/prime95), about 30c idle, Have a thermoengine with sunon fan, had an alpha, dropped my load temp by almost 10c but the dam thing was too loud. Case temp about 25c. I'd double check everything as mentioned, also, if you run stable and dont plan on overclocking it, you may find you can lower the voltage slightly- thus giving a temp decrease.

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