Hello guys!

I am going to buy a new monitor really soon. What i am looking for is pretty much sorted. It has to be 24" and somewhat decent looking design. But now to the relevant part.

I don't know if i should buy an LED or LCD monitor. Budget doesn't matter much really, i will be able to find one of each easily.
So my question is, should i get an LCD or LED monitor? I mainly play games, but i also do music making, schoolwork etc.
Also, i want my monitor to be matt, not like glossy so everything reflects if theres any light behind me. (If thats the case with either of the categories then please tell me, cause then i will get the other one)!

- Yes, i know LED is just LCD screen with backlight instead of those tubes.

Kind regards
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  2. Generally speaking, people cannot tell the difference between a LCD with LED backlight or florescent (CCFL) backlight when looking at the image / video itself. Naturally, the "LED monitor" will be thinner than a typcial LCD monitor because the LED backlights are not directly behind the LCD panel, but around the edges (edge backlighting). "LED monitors" also use less power than LCD monitors because the florescent lights uses more power. I will make a general statement and say the LED lights reduces power consumption by about 33% - 40%.
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