XP Home on K6-3 400

I tried to put XP Home on a K6-3/400 with 320 ram on a Asus P5A Mobo. The system was terrible, slow, freezes . Is this normal or should XP run good but slow on the K6-3 400. I had to reinstall win 98 which I dislike. Thanks Bruce

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  1. It's true. Told a friend of mine not to load XP on his computer because it'd be too slow and he didn't take my advice. Now everything is like slow motion. His computer takes forever to open up a program like Word. He's got an old Compaq w/ a PentiumII 266 w/ 128MB SDRAM and the damn thing is too slow! No one listens to me.


    'Nuff said!

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  2. Well Windows XP requirements only mention a 300MHz + processor, plus I had installed XP on a Pentium 266 with only 192MB of RAM and it actually runs fairly well. I'm not sure why your experience was as bad as it was.

    The only thing I have noticed about XP is that anything less than 192MB of RAM is usually not a great idea, even though it only "requires" 128MB, that is usually a tad too little for adequate performance.
  3. ive got xp loaded on my laptop p2 233 with 160 megs of ram. it runs ok, internet and remote controling only though.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  4. Hi

    My dad's machine Is a K6-2 400 with 128MB RAM and Runs Windows XP fine.

    In fact, I've managed to RUN Windows XP Pro on an AMD K6 200 and an AMD K5 PR166 (and Underclocked to PR133) with 80MB RAM and ASUS VX97 mobo which had a 430VX chipset, Matrox Millenium II Graphics fine.

    Speed, although not blistering was bareable and it was rock solid stable on BOTH CPUs. Using my Holywood+ Card I even played DVD Movies on it with the K6.

    Actually, a clean installation of Windows XP only used about 60-67MB RAM.

    If your carefull, you can get these os's to work ok. www.emulators.com/secrets.htm has WinXP on a Pemtium Pro.
    I even managed to Install Windows Me on my 486 machine (Am586 133Mhz PR75 but is basically a 486 DX5 133MHz).

    Hope this Helps!


    Windows XP Works on a K5 PR133 (100MHz) with 80MB RAM!!!!!!
  5. Thanks for the info but he installed on top of 98SE. I just don't have time or patience to explain it to him when he doesn't or won't listen. So he's stuck with a slower PC.

    By the way, I'd like to see your benchmarks! :lol:

    Got a P200MMX w/ 128 SDRAM running right now on 98SE and this is too slow for me. I've got this rare DFI board that'll run Intel, AMD, Cyrix, IBM and IDT processors according to its manual. This board was going to get chucked by the company I work for. Talk about waste.
    Everything works! Only thing missing was the RAM. Its got the original floppy and twin QUANTUM Pioneer 2.1GB HDDs. It can use SDRAM or the obsolete EDO RAM. Got about 6 sticks of those but I haven't checked them out yet. This mobo has the option also of using either AT or ATx PSUs. Get this, the Big Tower has a 230W AT PSU with a load sensor! <pre>This thing is whisper quiet.</pre><p> Right now I'm looking for an AMD K6-3 400Mhz Proc. According to the manual, that's the fastest processor it can run. Hopefully I find one.

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  6. I never got round to benchmarking it I'm afraid, the machine is long gone now as this was about 6 months ago.

    An Upgrade from 98SE to XP is as good as a clean install at the upgrade process clears any remnance of 98 very well.

    Still, as the machine your having trouble with is running it so slowly, I think putting it on Windows 98SE would be a good idea. If not, try Win2000, or even NT4 Worksation.

    Windows XP Works on a K5 PR133 (100MHz) with 80MB RAM!!!!!!
  7. How long did it take to install XP on K5-133? (with how much memory - 80 megz???) And how long it takes for it to boot? And how many collerz do you have in the moniter? And ... ahh, its bull anyway.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  8. I have it on a P2-400. It ran fine, but bitched about memory alot with only 128MB. It's got no problems whatsoever with 256MB, and I've got another 128MB to add to it just for the hell of it.

    If it's running like crap, do a clean install.

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