I finally hit the submit button!

Hi Guys and Girls,

I finally hit the submit button after many hours of tortuous decision making. I ordered the parts to put my new pc together! Acording to tracking it should be delivered Tuesday. Damn Memorial Day! ;-)>

Anyway, I wanted to get some input into what I ordered... You mean I was supposed to do that before I ordered the parts???

Here's what I got:

TEAC 16 X 10 X 40 CDRW Retail Box
with a 10 pack 16x 80 Minute CD-R Media 176.95

Cambridge FPS2000 Digital Speakers - 4 Speakers with a SubWoofer 129.00


Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1 Retail Box 159.00

32X64 PC-133 SDRAM 512MB 168 Pin -(MEM64X64-133) 167.00

IBM 40 GB 7200 RPM with ATA 100 Cable 141.99

Enlight Mid-Tower 72370X3C ATX Case 300 Watt Power Supply
Bundled with an 80x80mm Case Fan 67.95

Mitsumi 1.44 Floppy Drive - (MTSD359M3) 10.00

Abit KT7A-RAID AMD Socket A KT133A ATX ATA100
Motherboard - Retail Box 138.00

Promise ATA100 PCI Controller Card with Cable 29.95

Creative Labs Encore 12X DVD Retail Box W/ Decoder 123.00

AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.2 GHZ Socket A
266FSB Retail Box W/ AMD approved
F&HS 182.00

KDS 19inch .26, 1600 x 1200 @ 75hz - (KDSVS-195E) 219.00

Subtotal: $1765.84
From Compuplus

Any thoughts, comments, criticisms, tips, etc, on any of my parts and pieces or the complete system and the building of welcomed and encouraged! Did I pay too much? Too little? Just right? Bought crappy parts? Bought great parts? Please let me know. I can take it.
Have a great afternoon!
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  1. Looks like a nice system. Only question is why you got the ATA100 controller? The Abit board comes with UDMA ATA100 already.

    Everything else looks great
  2. About the controller, Just ignorance and unsure that the Abit had everything I needed on my part and just wanted to make sure I had everything I needed on hand to make the system work. I guess I was covering all my bases. Only 30 bucks, which I used to blow in the bar in a few hours..... No more.... Thanks for the reply.
  3. I hope you didnt buy that lame rig, you think your saveing a buck buying AMD but your gonna pay more in the long run with fustration, incompatabilites, [-peep-] for chipset, overheating, AMD approves parts. GL on HSF install.

    If you buy that rig, your gonnabe back here next week asking WTF is wrong.

    Buy a 100% Intel compatable processor, less aggravation, highest compatability, and it doesnt cook itself to death.

    Take a minute and read back a few pages from people asking for help, notice extreamly high percentage are AMD question on above topics. If you want some of that action by all means go for AMD.
  4. Thanks for your reply fugger, but I have been lurking here for many months and have read many posts and know your spiel, so save it for someone who hasn't done their homework regarding AMD and Intel. I'm not conerned. Have a nice afternoon.

  5. How much does Intel Marketing pay you? Do you read the articles on this web site? Not one article has pointed out problems with AMD.

    The reason most questions are on AMD, is because many more people are building their own AMD systems then are building Pentium systems. A majority of the people buying Intel processors, I would say, are not building their own systems, but rather purchasing from Dell/Gateway/Compaq/etc.
  6. Personally I would have went with a geforce2 or geforce3 video card, but everything else is top quality.

    Was there a reason for the All-In-Wonder card?

    Check out my rig:
    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=3737" target="_new">http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=3737</A>
  7. Ok, einstien go help the guy who just purchased a new AMD 1.33 and it scored 1100 in 3dmarks.


    Im sure this is what he was expecting when he ordered. GG
    If he is playing those games, im sure he purchased a good video card. if not then there is another educated buyer like yourself (im sure he did his homework too).
    Something simple, or aggravation? GL

    Im was trying to save you alot of problems. but if thats what you want then go for it.
  8. Shut up the bull about "get a 100% Intel compatible CPU" AMD is FREAKING 100% compatible! (As is cyrix, IDT, IBM and any other intel compatibles I missed)


    Life is hard...Live with it.
  9. Oh yeah, and go help ALL the poor people who bought any pentium 4 slower than a 1.7 gig.


    Life is hard...Live with it.
  10. Darn, I thought he was banned! Oh well, t/s for the rest of us!

    Anyway, I've (well, not just me) put together many AMD systems and they are all running perfect. Scores are wonderful in benchmarks, like that matters, and absolutely stable. Haven't had any problems with any of them.

    BTW wmabern - sounds like a cool system. Here's what I just ordered:

    MSI Price for online orders only MSI K7T TURBO-R Socket A VIA KT 133A
    Chipset - Retail 4XAGP 6PCI 1CNR 3DIMM UDMA100 RAID No CPU w/ Built In
    Raid Support $112

    AMD 1.2GHz Athlon (TBird) Socket- A (266Mhz FSB) - OEM, AMD Includes 15Day Dealer
    Warranty $ 147

    Memory x2
    Micron Electronics, 256MB PC133 SDRAM DIMM (CAS 2 / CL 2) 7ns, Gold
    Leads, Unbuffered, 32x64 EPROM/SPD LIFETIME WAR, CAS2 / CL2, 168pins, 3.3v,
    6 layer, True PC 133 *GUARANTEED compatible w/ ALL Athlon+ Intel Chipsets $69

    Video Card
    MSI MicroStar MS-8826 nVIDIA GeForce2 MX400 64MB DDR SDRAM with TV Out,
    Retail Box StarForce 826, M8826, AGP 4X $ 119

    Plextor - CD-RW 32X/12X/10X Internal EIDE
    ATAPI OEM Part # PX-W1210TA/SW OEM Includes Software - $149

    Teac 1.44MB Flop. 235HF 3.5. $ 11

    Hard Drives x2
    IBM Deskstar 60GXP, 30GB EIDE Deskstar 60GXP IC35L020AVER07 DeskStar 60GXP
    30GB ATA 100 7200RPM $125.00

    Total for above= $1,008.85 w/shipping

    So good luck with your new system dude!

    <Common Sense is a gift that some of us have returned.>
  11. i talk with a marchant for AMD mobo.
    7 on 10 have probleme crash,burn,blow-up

    AMD/Asus have probleme
    Intel/Asus rock solid

    But much of the mobo run good if he dont blow up the 1 time.
  12. Hey Dork...what kind of video card was he using?

    If you got your head out of your ass long enough you might find that people hate you because you are not helpful...you are just a dipshit who likes to talk out his ass.

    You always point your finger at AMD and yes dipshit you are almost always wrong.

    NICE Computer.

    96.3 % of Statistics are made up.
  13. You know, I could build a brand new Intel system that would score 1100 3dmarks myself, it's called not loading drivers properly or not doing your homework. That is the fault of the builder, not the chip.

    Now I realise that you will flame me back so do what you have to do but I have never had any serious issue that wasn't the fault of hardware in the many AMD systems that I have built. Is this AMD's fault, no. I know how to build AMD systems that's the simple truth. I can't help every lamer who thinks it's easy to build computers (unless of course they are willing to pay) but I can build stable high performance systems that don't cost more than they should for my friends, family and co-workers. I can also build them for work when I need cheap servers.

    Check out my rig:
    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=3737" target="_new">http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=3737</A>
  14. i would say put the cd burner on the card and the harddrive on the mother broad becuase that will help you burn at top speed
  15. AHAHAHAHAHAHA, "AMD is FREAKING 100% compatible!" thats the stupidest thing I read all week. kudos to you!

    "AMD Athlon™ Processors are compatible with virtually all x86 hardware and software."

    Keyword here is "virtually all" stretching the truth from almost all, virtually sounds much better.

    There are tons of devices and software that does not work with AMD. I know your gonna ask me to list them all but I will recomend you search this forum for my previous posts because I dont feel like wasting my time with a dip [-peep-] like yourself.

    "Virtually all" is so far from the truth, its just marketing tactic. AMD cannot claim to be 100% Intel compatable.

    Even 1 incompatable device/software disproves your 100% theory.

    Speaking of marketing hype, crap like this is what you live on. but when you look back and see what actually came to market all you can do is laugh. AMD took you for suckers long ago.


    Best part is where AMD claims to have 1.5Ghz in January 2001! suckers. but you guys believed it back then. AHAHAHAHAAHAHAAH. keep dreaming cause your still living the pipe dream 760MP comes to mind (cant wait to see final changes that were made/sacraficed to clear QA), so does the hammer. what part of x86 did you miss in the product description?
  16. Regarding the burner on the card and HD on the MB, thanks for the tip, now I know I didn't pay that 30 bucks for nothing! BTW, I have another 30 gig Maxtor 7200 HD in another system that I'm gonna wipe clean and put in the Abit RAID system eventually.
    It's ideas and helpful thoughts like these that I read through the hardware community for, not the Intel/AMD/ GEForce/ATI wars. That's a waste of everyones' time. Have a great evening!
  17. <font color=blue>"There are tons of devices and software that does not work with AMD."</font color=blue>

    <font color=red>Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!</font color=red>

    Fabricated Fugger Facts (FFF for short). Now comes his personal attacks, and then the tantrum (sorry, he already had the tantrum).

    <font color=red>Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!</font color=red>

    <font color=blue>This is a Forum, not a playground. Treat it with Respect.</font color=blue>
  18. Sounds like a great system. Be sure to download the latest drivers for your ATI card (just released in March/April). They greatly improve the tivo like funtionality. I have an ATI AIW RADEON and it is a really slick multimedia card. Sure it doesn't quite get the frame rates as a Gforce2, but still can pump out 30+ frame rates for just about any game.

    Sounds like a good system, and from what i've seen of AMD lately I think you made a very wise choice. Intel has had some great CPU's, and I'm sure they'll have more. But right now they arn't worth the higher price.
  19. Hmmm ok...

    Trenton SBC, single/dual Slot1 GX. Maybe you've heard of it. Onboard video, SCSI, and LAN. God help you if you put bus-mastering cards in certain PCI slots, because the damn thing throws the onboard NIC and those bus-mastering cards on the same IRQ. And they all end up operating at a snail's pace.

    Peak dual Slot1 SBC, BX chipset. Can only handle one PCI bridge, that being its own root PCI bridge. It can't see past any PCI bridges on the backplane, which means you're limited to pure passive backplanes. Whoops.

    SuperMicro P6DGS. Dual Slot1 GX motherboard with onboard SCSI. We've occasionally gotten entire batches DOA--from TechData, not some gray-market vendor. In the board's early days, DPT Storage Manager (a RAID manager for DPT I20 RAID adapters) <i>would not work</i> with ~50% of these boards--no matter the BIOS revision, firmware revision, driver revision, whatever. Not to mention, resources always get mapped badly, meaning many devices sharing IRQs and thus performing like slugs. We were always having to update the BIOS on the boards. Oh, and to this day, UnixWare 7 cannot do SMP on this model board--though UnixWare 7 does SMP just fine on an Intel L440GX+.

    DFI single-CPU BX motherboard. Fried a PCI slot in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Damned thing took out my first SBLive! when it did that.

    Abit ZM6 and also BH6 motherboards seem to have a common problem. Sometime in its life, such a board will go through a week or two of instability (regular blue-screens/kernel panics), then gets more and more prone to not POST. Then one day it just never POSTs again.

    Just letting you know...sh|t happens on both sides of the fence. Going with Intel won't save you.

    Oh, and I should mention that while Intel CPUs/chipsets are all right, Intel motherboards ream a great deal of ass.


    bash-2.04$ kill -9 1
    init: Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?
  20. If you think intel is 100% compatible...then you too are an idiot...wait your an idiot anyway.

    Search for some guy that wrote a benchmark. Worked great on an AMD Machine but would crash an Intel machine.

    Nothing but MAC is 100%

    96.3 % of Statistics are made up.
  21. The real question: Is Intel compatiable to AMD? Which seems to be more important now days. Especially with AMDs 64 bit chip.
  22. with the card you can both hard drives on diffrent chanels so that you can burn form one and still use the other on with out a problblem another extra to have another port

    or you can do it the other around with the cd burnner and the hard drive it dosen't really matter which way you do it when hooking it up as long as you make sure that they don't share the same channel what i'm not sure is if your card has a buffer on it which would help a burnner becuase it would add extra memory buffer for the burnner

    one thing the a cd burner doesn't ru at ata 100 but ata 100 cards are backwards compatibly with early ide tasnfer protacals.
  23. What kind of operating system did you get to go with this killer rig of yours? You could've saved a few bucks if you got a DVD drive without a decoder card. Can't beat ATI in that department for hardware overlay support.

    <font color=green><i>Will code HTML for food.</i></font color=green>
  24. Good job.it strange that is only AMD useur that have probleme.
  25. <b>Good job.it strange that is only AMD useur that have probleme.</b>
    HUH????? What problem???

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  26. Errr...read my post a little ways up. Every one of the problem products was/is Intel-based.


    bash-2.04$ kill -9 1
    init: Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?
  27. Hi all,
    My system has arrived and is coming along nicely, slowly but surely as I don't have a lot of time to spend on assembly each day. No problems so far and the cpu/hsf went on without a hitch.
    Now, my question.
    What are the thoughts about the VIA hardware system monitor?
    I haven't got much of a load to test it with yet, but system temp via VIA is showing 27c, cpu temp is 29c. On loading photoshop 6, cpu temp was hitting 38c. Running ATI cable tv thingy all day long in full screen max resolution showed cpu temp at 35c.
    It is kinda warm in my pc room at home as I don't have central air and there is no AC in that room and with 2 sometime 3 pc's and monitors running 24/7, it's prob in the high 80's in the room alone. Anyway, what are the thoughts on the VIA temp monitor?
    Have a good day.
  28. p.s.
    What the heck is the hysteresis in the VIA monitor? Is that a history log of some sort? Sorry if that's a stupid question. :-)
  29. Hey Fugger are all Intel CPU's 100% compatable with X86 Hardware??


    if at first you don't succeed , destroy all evidence that you ever tried...
  30. Sorry for not responding sooner about the OS, I have been using Win2K ever since Beta. Wouldn't trade it for the world. I am not into gaming, mostly graphics and web apps so 2k suits me just fine.
  31. Hysteresis is a measure of the error inherent in a measuring instrument when the variable being measured changes in the positive and negative directions.

    For example if I measure the temp of a CPU as it increases from 30 to 35 degrees I may get a different measurement if the temp is changing from 40 to 35 degrees. Even though the CPU actually ends up at 35 the instrument may read a slightly different number depending on which direction I approach 35.

    Hysteresis is common in all measuring systems (the lower the better). You may notice this with your cruise control on your car. If you are travelling 70 and hit resume (to return to 65), you may end up at 65 or 66. However, if you are traveling 60 and hit resume you may return to 64 or 65. This is hysteresis error and affects the precision of a measuring or controlling system when approaching the measurement or set-point from two different directions.

    Often hysteresis is expressed as a percentage of the full scale range of the instrument in question. If the instrument measures from 0 - 100 and has +-1% hysteresis, then the hysteresis error is +-1.
  32. Funny how you girls make such lame attempts to discredit me with your BS. I need to keep a shovel handy when I visit this forum.

    "The real question: Is Intel compatiable to AMD? Which seems to be more important now days. Especially with AMDs 64 bit chip."

    What a retard, AMD does not have a 64 bit chip. they have a "software simulator". hold your breath cause the first Hammer will not be fab'd till January 2002.

    Once again AMD is not 100% intel compatable. Take your gimpy self over to AMD.com and please prove me wrong.

    Have a nice day!
  33. "Hey Fugger are all Intel CPU's 100% compatable with X86 Hardware??"

    Im saying PC hardware is built to "Intel spec" not AMD.
    Yes I know that AMD boards are built to AMD spec so do not try to split those hairs. I am referring to general purpose devices like video, sound, network, etc...

    Not gonna fall prey to your complete generalization with your all/all scenario.

    Car parts fit all cars?
  34. Hey, your temps are great! Anything under 45-50C is fine.


    It's raining outside, and my lawn has grown a foot overnight!
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