*800Mhz Duron or 800Mhz Duron vs 750Mhz P3

How does an AMD: 850Mhz Duron or 800Mhz Duron compare to an Intel: 750Mhz P3? Are there any areas in which either Duron CPU's can outperform a 750 Pentium3?

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  1. Pentium 3 wins, duron is in between celeron and P3 in performance. P3 beats duron at comperable clock rates.
  2. Depends on your apps of course.. clock for clock, a P3 will be faster in almost all apps. When you compare an 850 Duron to a 750 P3 however.. they will be a lot closer. have a look here:

    if 3D Max is your thing, a duron 750 trashes even a Pentium3 1000. But for games, and office stuff, a P3 would be a better performer. If you already have a board that accepts a P3, I'd stick with it. If you need to buy a new board anyway, socket A should be an easy choice.

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  3. But cheaper then both right dork!

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  4. The main advantage that a PIII can get over a Duron comes from the higher available bus speed of 133MHz. So you should be compairing the PII 733, which will lightly and gingerly spank the Duron 850.

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  5. Okay, thanks for the response! (-:
    What about the comparison between a 800Mhz Duron and a P3 700Mhz? The Duron is of higher Mhz than the P3. How do these compare? And in which ways are they different?
  6. Even if the PIII does beet the Duron, it would not be fair to compare them, as Duron boards can operate with 133MHz memory clock. The 733 would still be the one to compare for a true picture.

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  7. Not sure what you are saying here. Duron has 133 MHz bus speed so why did you say PIII has an advantage? Celeron is the one has only 100 MHz (or lower) bus speed.

    The bottom line for 850 MHz, as tomshardware put it, is that it offers 80 - 90% of 1 GHz PIII's performance in general but it has a much better FPU at a fraction of the price. On pricewatch, 850 Duron is about $50, about half the price of 750/733 PIII and less than a third of 1 GHz PIII.

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  8. my 700 PIII and 700 Duron were interchangeable...
    you'd never notice a difference.
    and no, the Duron is not using a 133mhz bus. it uses a double pumped 100mhz fsb, effectively 200mhz with twice the latency.
    the memory can be run at 133mhz, but there is a latency penalty for running fsb and memory asynchroniously(sp), although it is usually offset by the higher bandwidth.
    The board for the Duron should handle a higher cpu clock than the PIII board, max PIII on these motherboards are 1ghz, max AMD's on most motherboards are 1200mhz, depending on the board itself.

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  9. You are right. I forgot about that Duron really runs 100 MHz double pumped, so it can use PC 133 SDRAM but with a penalty. Thanks.

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  10. NO, Duron has 100MHz FSB (200DDR) and 133MHz memory bus. In order to make it a fair competition, you should use a PIII with a 133MHz memory bus, which, for the PII, means you choose a processor with a 133MHz FSB, such as the 733EB, 800EB, 866EB, etc. And the PIII-EB does outperform the Duron in many games, because so many are SSE optimized. That's why, clock for clock, the PIII beats Athlons in 3DMark-2000. It also looses in certain applications, but the applications it looses are of less significance, because they are aplications that are executed so quickly by both that users cannot tell the difference. The only place you can actually SEE the difference is in games. And in many games, the PIII wins. You need a fast T-bird to beet the PIII there.

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  11. Hmmm? I won't a duron run @ 133 FSB on a KT133A motherboard!
    my 700 T-bird runs fine @ 133 FSB 133x6.5(866mhz). Also why are some of u saying duron boards. Any socket A board will run either a T-bird or a Duron. So there are no duron only boards! As for the comparison on 100 FSB for the p3 and the duron I believe it will be close. Now when running both on 133 FSB it would be close also. But for the price difference I would take a duron over the p3. Atleast you will be able to upgrade with the Socket A board. As for the P3 end of the line is 1000mhz!
  12. Hey Dapshat! We're talking about STOCK processors, not OVERCLOCKED processors, I defy you to SHOW me a 133 (266DDR) stock Duron! As far as motherboards go-IT DOESN"T MATTER that the same board works for the TBIRD when all your comparing are DURONS and PIIIs! Nobody said "duron only" boards, I said "duron" boards as to separate them from "PIII" boards! In a Duron/PIII comparison, it is not necessary to mention the Tbird fitting the same board as the Duron, that part is understood, just as it is not necessary to mention that the Celeron will fit a PIII board.
    End of the line for the PIII at 100MHz? You seem to be a totally absurd moron if you cannot understand that OTHER processors are NOT part of the comparison here, the man ask about TWO SPECIFIC processors.

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  13. I actually have a 750 Duron and a 800EB PIII.

    I use the duron machine for gaming and some overclocking. It is difficult to compare the two. Mainly due to the difference of the Motherboards. The Duron runs on a KT133 chipset and the PIII on a CUSL2 board. I do not do FSB overclocking so the memory is running at 133 but the FSB is at 100. I run the Duron at 900 and I never overclock my PIII. I've ran all sorts of games through both machines and I have not noticed any difference. However when it comes to multitasking the Duron seems to choke up a bit. On my PIII machine I can burn a cd, listen to MP3's and surf the web while waiting. If I try that from the Duron I get some serious slowdowns.

    In general, I have not noticed one specific app that the PIII or Duron loads or runs faster.

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