Need help choosing a new monitor

Need help choosing an appropriate display.

My budget is $ 200-350.Looking for a good monitor with good color reproduction and lower response times, in the 22-27" categories.

I work with Adobe Photoshop,Adobe After Effects, Monet, Mocha ,Autodesk Maya & Max and other VFx and Video Editing and Compositing Softwares.I do play certain games like Need for speed, GTA and Call of Duty.

I am leaning towards IPS panels due to the work part of my requirement.Currently using a GTS 250 on my system(i7 3930k,8GB Ram)

Also are the Korean brands(Catleap,Crossover and others)good for the price they sell at.How long do they last?
I have heard that they do not use LED but CCFL backlight.Any feedback regarding this would be helpful as well.

Monitors that I have read about online are:

AOC:i2367Fh, i2353Ph

Viewsonic:VX2770Smh-LED,VP2365-LED(23 Inch)

Asus: ProArt PA246Q(CCFL),Asus PA238Q


Acer: Acer B243PWL Kbmdrz


Dell:Seem to be far expensive than my budget.(if any that fall in within my budges of $200-350) Please let me know.

Samsung: Any PLS displays that retail for $350?Please let me know.

If anyone is using these monitors or have used them for the softwares listed above please rate and share your experience.

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  1. Could really use some help with deciding with a suitable display.

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