USB Ethernet Adapter comes loose

So recently the ethernet port on my laptop has started to get really loose. You can still plug in a cable, but if you move the laptop even slightly it will just come loose and drop the connection. I was planning on getting a new one somewhat soon so for now I just bought a USB ethernet adapter so that I could put my ethernet cable in that and not worry about it coming loose at all.

That should have fixed my problem, but it turns out the USB part of the adapter I bought is ALSO loose, and if you move the laptop even slightly, it will stop being detected by the USB port, so now that exact same problem as before is happening. Nothing else that I plug into the port comes loose, so it's a problem with the cable, not the port. Is there any way I can fix this without having to replace the cable entirely?
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  1. What model laptop are you using and are you sure your I/O daughter board isn't loose?
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