Cloned hard drive for Lenovo t61 and get blue screen of death, but everything ch

I bought a Western Digital 320 GB hard drive Scorpio Black SATA 7200 RPM 16 MB Cache to replace a 60 gb hard drive on my Lenovo T61. Used the Apricorn cloning software. Everything went great, couple of hours later got the blue screen of death. Called support, they had me disable something on the bios and I recloned. Once again, everything checks out great, then out of nowhere I get the blue screen. I have run diagnostics through BIOS and everything and it says the hard drive is fine. Help!
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  1. Does it not work at all after the blue screen? What happens if you reboot?

    Try reinstalling the OS or using the recovery CD and see if it still blue screens?
  2. make sure in the bios that it has the drive as ahci instead of ide? run memtest 86+
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