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Just installed my first AMD chip, the Thunderbird 1.2 ghz on an ASUS a7v mother board. With the case closed the processor runs at 66-70C, with the case open it runs at around 62C (143F). Is this temperature to high ? Do I need more cooling ? I read somewhere that they can run up to 90C but I'm not sure how reliable that source is.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. what is your case temprature? Or MB temp?
  2. motherboard temperature is 32C
  3. Do you have any case fans? they make a BIG difference too, also, as mentioned, get a decent HSF on there.

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  4. Just installed a 1.2ghz T-Bird and overclocked it to 1.33mhz at 1.78 volts. My tempertures runs between 41c-45c. I use Artic Silver II, an Alpha cooler and one case fan, my power supply has a dual fan on it which contributes to the case cooling. Your temperature seems pretty high, I had a friend who forgot to peel off the plastic tape on his HSF which contained the thermal greese. Anyways his temperatures where like yours, something to check.

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  5. Your MB temperature is OK. You should buy a better cooler, or... have you applied the thermal compound between the CPU an the cooler??
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