Can't hear audio on my S9 bluetooth headset

I have a Sony Vaio with Bluetooth. I have paired my S9 headset with my computer, but I can't hear the audio in my headset. I have the same problem with a hard wired headset when I try to Skype as well.
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  1. Have you tried setting your S9 headset as the default playback device in the Control Panel - Sound options?
  2. I have a similar problem.

    Windows 7, when i see in the "volume control" i have the bluetooth headset "default".

    when i press the "test sound" button in the volume control show a little green bar moving, but my S9 does not show the green light when is pair ok with other systems.

    The light in the "s9" show a "red light" blinking (slowly).

    In my opinion, windows 7 tell me ok with the pairing but the headset not.

    any help?
  3. I'm having the same problem. I just bought a Motorola H17. It pairs to windows 7 without a problem, but I can't actually use the mic. Bluetooth Voice Device is checked of as my default recording device in the sound config. Anyone have any insight into this problem?
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