new mobo & tbird wont boot

I just built a new acorp 7via71a and a 750 tbird and it wont boot up, The power comes on but nothing will show up on the screen, Ive replaced everything but the mobo and cpu, Does anyone know if this mobo will take a thunderbid or just a k7
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    Took two seconds to look it up. Yes, it supports Slot A Athlon Processor up to 850Mhz.

    Try breaking the computer down to it's basic configuration. Only have the videocard, cd-rom, and floppy installed.

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  2. is the motherbaord grounded?

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  3. is your tbird slot A or socket A?
  4. The motherboard looks like a Slot A motherboard.

    I'd check your standoffs--it's possible that you have a standoff in place that doesn't match up to a hole in the motherboard.

    Old KX133 boards were known to be finicky with memory; a lot of people only got them to work by using high-quality memory from Mushkin or Corsair. Mushkin makes Athlon-tested memory specifically for this purpose.


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