How can i get my hacked IMVU account back?

hello im pepper. i need my IMVU account back for free? its hotpinkblackSORROW2. and i lost it to a hacker a year ago and is wondering if i can still get it back???
and imvu credits... do you know the cheapest site for selling imvu credits or a trick/hack/glitch/? :sweat:
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  1. go ttoo your email and th 1 you put in when you made your account when you go it will be a message that says you changed yor password and it will let you change it back.
  2. hey pepper i have that same problem did u get ur profile back if so can u help me my own is lilmisssweetheartblu if so please contact me on my imvu made up profile BlacBarbie i am usin dat 4 the while but i miss my old 1 plz rite bck ty :hello:
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