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I am trying to connect my PC with the ASUS P8Z68-V Pro MOBO to my Samsung 42" plasma TV. However, when plugging the HDMI cable in from the TV to the PC and ensuring the TV input is set to the proper input, I get no signal on the TV. I tested this same input with my laptop computer, and the signal comes through immediately. I also tried connecting my PC to the TV via the VGA cable. This works, but of course because it's VGA, it has no sound (it's also a different input channel than the HDMI input). I am able to select the HDMI sound option when I go to my sound settings on the PC while it's connected to the TV via VGA, but there still isn't any sound coming out even after I select that option.

Does anyone know what I need to do to get this thing to show up on my TV from the HDMI cable? It seems very strange to me that the signal works fine when connected to a laptop but not my PC.
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  1. I actually figured out (finally) how to do this. I first rebooted to dig into the BIOS, navigated to the Advanced area, and selected System Agent Configuration. then Set Initiate Graphic Adapter to iGPU and iGPU Multi-Monitor to Enabled. When I rebooted the computer, the display was now being shown on my TV.

    However, it still had no sound (even though the SPDIF input was set to HDMI). To fix this, I uninstalled the RealTek HD Audio Manager. As soon as I uninstalled that and restarted the computer again, the audio worked on the TV like a charm. That program is trash. I tried every which way possible to make the sound work while retaining that program, but if you have it and are having the same problems I did, I highly suggest you delete it.
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