Idle temp~65C Load temp>85C Help? lol

Hey i was wondering if anyone knows if its a common issue with these laptops, why this is happening and what can be done about it

Acer Aspire 5738g
CPU: T6600
GPU: HD4570
Windows 7 64-bit
1 yr old (always been like this)
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  1. Always been like that hmmm. I saw putting new thermal paste you will defintly see temperature drops, and cleaning the laptop thoroughly would help some too. Since you have the core 2 duo i would undervolt it to see if that drops temps too. Undervolting you can see 7-15C drop in cpu in average.
  2. ^ undervolting may not be an option as most laptops the BIOS is very Limited. As you indicated the problem could be dust or a poor thermo connection between CPU and Heatsink. Also may be a problem with fan. Abiet - must dissassemble laptop - Ugh.

    To me the temps are to high, but not familiar with thermos for T6600. MOST E6600 (@stock) probably run around 30->40 C @ idle and 60->65 under heavy load
  3. aw shame really. Laptop was so much bang for buck and its not stable :(

    Thanks, ur right the bios is the most limited possible. I thought it could be a combination of bad air flow Design and the thermal paste application. I have tried to disassemble it but its almost impossible and I could only remove so much without snagging a dodgey wire (display cables for example).

    I think it could also be the bad design because it virtually doesn't exist. I mean I had to make the ventilation holes with a big ass knife!
    I might make some more to increase air flow but I had a close encounter where a random cable has now lost its plastic insulation. That was too close. I noticed latest versions have plenty of ventilation holes but I figured if its a design flaw why aren't there massive complaints on the interwebs.
    I guess I can't do anything now except never buy an acer again.

    I've bookmarked components for a custom build desktop.
    Just waiting for university funds to come in and splash out.
    Got to love the university's 100mbps speeds
  4. My last two laptops have ben toshbia (A205 and a A305). Swapped out the DVD-rw drives for a Blu-ray/DVDRW drive and swapped out the HDDs for a SSD in bouth of them.

    My next Laptop will probably be an Asus. Personnally I do NOT even entertain a Acer.

    Have you google " Dissassemble Acer (Your md #)" to see if there is a good procedure for dissasemble?
  5. Yeh that's a great idea.

    I found this:

    Which shows me an epically long process to get the heatsink off.
    Do you reckon it's worth the risk of me taking it all apart and checking the thermal paste/fan etc and applying some arctic mx-3 if needed?
  6. undervolting isn't done through bios for laptops btw.
    heres a guide that shows undervolting for a laptop that i used in my old comp gave a little more battery life + shaved a few degrees off.

    edit: if you feel confortable in taking apart that laptop and feel confident then yes i say do it. Of course always a good idea to remove the old thermal paste and put new one. but i would try undervolting imo to see if that helps.
  7. The reason why it is heating : Acer
  8. Hey,

    thanks i'll read the undervolting guide when i get time.
    I'll also buy some thermal paste equipment and take my laptop apart if it feels necessary after undervolting (prob not).
  9. I would go for the hardware fix over undervolting, personally. Notebooks aren't really that dynamic to voltage changes, even if undervolting can never hurt. (though it really can handicap you if you do something intensive)
  10. Yeh ok, I've ordered the thermal paste and remover stuff.
    Will do it in coursemates dorm room so i can see the instructions on his screen
    will let you know the results
  11. Hi, I've finally taken my laptop apart and applied paste to the cpu, some other giant intel chip, some big transistor looking things, the gpu and it's 2 memory chips.

    7 components in total. The heat sink on the gpu memory and the transistor look a like things was absolutely appalling, looked like that double sided sticky sponge stuff you use for DIY. Just simply rolled it off.

    Also the paste used was rubbish and flaky.

    I noticed that the Heat pipe was loose from the copper plate attaching it to the CPU. None of the pipes had thermal paste. I applied paste where the pipes came into contact with the copper plates. This was quite fiddly.

    I Applied Arctic MX-3 To all 7 components as well.

    Total disassembly, repair and assembly time was about 6 hours 30 mins.

    The Laptop is now stable (i am relieved to say); It idles at 50C with chrome (10 tabs) and skype open using about 2.7GB of RAM in idle.

    At load (watching youtube in 1080p and doing other intensive tasks i couldn't do before (used task manager to check it's at full load)) the temperature was 80C MAX.

    I can now play Minecraft and Cod5 and the new need for speed but I've lost interest in games as i haven't played (been able to play) them for such a long time.

    I also made more holes with a knife where the fan has engraved cut outs. They might as well have written "please cut here if you want ventilation". Mickey Mouse laptop but i'm very pleased and hopefully won't get a machine until Battlefield 3 comes out (or maybe 1 year and play it on low graphics).

    Thanks for the advice ^_^
  12. GREAT!!!
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