Need Help!!! I’m to stupid to use a search engine!

Need Help!!! I’m to stupid to use a search engine!!!!

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Hey dose anyone know where I can download Winzip?

Can some body tell me where Intel’s website is?

Hey could some body tell me where I can get a glass of water? I’m really thirsty.

Can someone help me remove my head form my ass?
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WTF people! Before asking a question could u at least TRY searching the web for at least a second or two.

And believe it or not, your question on this forum has probably been asked before. Try a search with some key words. You’ll be amazed at what you can find.

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  1. idiot
  2. That a joke or what !!!!

    In the 2 case

    Joke that dont make me laught
    A real question that a really stupid question.
  3. I know how you feel ... but ...

    You've forgotten what it was like to be a new user, who has never heard of an unzipping program or a search engine, and doesn't know how to type a url in a browser address bar. Much less find the browser, if the icon isn't on the desktop.

    All of us had to start from the beginning, when nothing made sense, and you had to try figure out everything, all at once. For a new user, it can be a bewildering experience. Things you take for granted, because you've done them a thousand times ... they have NEVER done ... not once.

    I deal with people, every single day, who still are under the impression that AOL is the Internet. The only thing they know about a computer is what they've picked up from watching a home shopping channel for five minutes.

    Ignorance is only a real problem when people insist on remaining ignorant. Despite how many times I must repeat the same information over and over, the simple fact that they are bothering to ask is enough to keep my patience and temper under control. It's much worse to deal with people who turned off their brains twenty years before and decided to never think a deep thought again in their entire life. And believe me, there are lots of folks out there who have done just that.

    Which is almost as bad as replying to a post made by someone who is still so immature that he has conveniently forgotten that there was a time when he was ignorant, too.

    Be glad your parents didn't think it would be funny to teach you to speak "wrong" when you were a baby, even though it must have been frustrating, waiting to see how long it would take before you could make a complete sentence. Or to finally have enough common sense to stop crapping in your pants, when a bathroom was readily available.

    I think your personal hell is going to be very lonely if you don't remove that glass navel you are so carefully nurturing and take a good look around you at the real world. No one over the age of ten would be willing to put up with your inane BS.

    What the old saying? If you can't handle the heat ... get out of the kitchen.

    Aren't you pleased to know that 99% of the people who bother to look at this thread are going to have the same opinion about you? What a bright and shining moment this must be in your pathetic existence.


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  4. Come on man. With fifty to a hundred plus posts per day on this forum alone, topics are moving down the line too fast to search everything. I tried it once and found myself looking back six months. By the time I'd got all my answers, another six months had gone by. Seriously though, there are too many posts to search through sometimes.

    Yet another reason to lose the flamers!
    "Now drop your weapons or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby." :wink:
  5. Actually I was trying to be facetious for those who didn’t get it. I also made up those questions (obviously) to not single out any one person. I know what you saying about people being new and ignorant, and I accept that. But what bothers me is people who are obviously not spending 2 seconds trying to find an answer. I’m not expecting people spend hours searching. I am talking about questions that could be answered with one click on google. I’m not going to post the questions because I don’t want to flame any newbie. I was just trying to encourage people to spend a little time searching before just hitting the post.

    Sorry if I offended anyone. I was just trying to make a point and add some humor (now u know why I’m not a comedian). Any one can look at all my past posts and see I routinely try to help people and almost never flame people (except DRPC).

    Thx & Cya

    PS Thx for the “shining moment this must be in your pathetic existence.” Remark.

    <font color=green>I may go to <font color=red>hell</font color=red> but at least I won't get lonely</font color=green>
  6. Further reason for a FAQ and to make those
    FAQs sticky.

    Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
  7. how do I get to

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  8. I have to agree with lowlyspawn, its sometime SO annoying when you see some questions, ok, some are genuine problems, and maybe they just need someone to confirm their opinions, but some posts are just STUPID, for example, does "jo bloggs motherboard model 12dbvc support ddr memory"- just read the dam manual or look on their site. I also work daily with people that are brand new to computers, I have lots of patience with most of them, but as already said,some people are just to dum to listen to advice.
    ANd as for searching, theres no need to go through weeks worths of posts, click the little button (single left click) that says "SEARCH BOARDS"

    Next time you wave - use all your fingers
  9. damn right you won't... i've been to heaven a time or two... too damn lonely... never want to go there agian... f**king lonely too.... brrr...

    you do not strengthen the weak by weakening the strong
  10. When i have a problem i post it here because of the brilliant ppl that post here. I do this first thing, then go see if I can find the answer myself. But usually I am working on someone elses pc and finding everything about that pc would take forever.
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