Cant find installation source

:bounce: can you help me to find my installation source in my computer?? please!
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  1. for WHAT ?
  2. You will have to be more specific, what is it you are trying to install?
  3. Yes, thank you! I'll try to be more specific: I am trying to install microsoft office assistant for my microsoft office word.. then it tells me "installation error: file not do I proccede???
  4. Hi :)

    It needs to take the files off the disc... so insert your office cd into cd drive, when it asks...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. :ouch: I took the disc out... I inserted again when I go to work and click on "show office assistant" it tells me that needs to be installed.. I go ahead and install it.. after instalalion a window comes up saying that the required installation file is not found... next .. tells me to browse in order to locate my installation source...
    What do I put in that little window???
  6. Hi.. it also tells me to " please browse to root of your installation source..
    thank you for your help!!
  7. Sounds like it is asking you to select the drive your installation disk is in.
  8. Hi :)

    IS the disc a GENUINE MS disc for the CORRECT version ?

    All the best Brett :)
  9. It is a genuine version of microsoft office 2003 disc
  10. tenaciousk said:
    Sounds like it is asking you to select the drive your installation disk is in.

    :ouch: Yes that's it... but for the life of me I don't know what to select..
  11. Hi.. sorry to be a bother.. can you help me??
  12. Ok, well if it is asking you to select the Drive your installing from so you will then browse through your folders i would click on my computer and then you should see your drives the drive your installing from will say microsoft office.
  13. Also may i make another suggestion, if you need these type of programs on your computer soon for work or school. And you can not get this Microsoft office disk to work. Try downloading it is freeware. It contains all if not more of the applications that Microsoft office uses and all run nicely. If interested here is a the link.

    (Copy then paste this in your address bar)

    Just click and save the download to a folder anywhere.(make not where you saved it)navigate to where you saved it in your folders and run
    Follow setup instructions.

    This is the program i use and have no problems with it
  14. :hello: :pt1cable: Thank you,Tenaciousk, very good... you are great!!! :bounce: :hello:
  15. Did you get Microsoft to work or go with the download?
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