I have a toshiba satellite L755-S5256

I have a toshiba L755-S5256 that i rebooted about a month ago, it has a built in webcam which for some reason is not found anywhere on the system anymore , I have downloaded the driver/software application from toshiba website it downloads then nothing else happens i can't find anything and i'm upset can someone please help me.
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  1. Can you please go to device manager, Uninstall the webcam drivers and restart your computer to see if it will recognize and find the drivers by itself.
  2. How do i find the webcam driver because under device manager i don't see anything that says webcam at all.
  3. One thing common you can try, is have device manager open, and move your screen slowly back and forth. Does device manager pick up the camera drivers while you are doing this?
  4. No it doesn't
  5. Also try and Check in Setup/Settings (BIOS/CMOS) as you boot - usually F2 so watch screen - see if there
    is an enable/disable for your camera.
  6. How do i do that what should i do
  7. The webcam may be shot.

    Yawcam is an extremely popular free application for webcams. Download and install it on this computer and see if it detects the webcam at all.

    When you did the reinstall, did you reinstall all the required drivers for the computer?
    One major one is the one found HERE which is the chipset driver for your computer.

    You can also find the other drivers HERE .
  8. What are the name of the main drivers i need because i did go to the toshiba website to install the webcam driver nothing happened after i hit run
  9. blessed73 said:
    What are the name of the main drivers i need because i did go to the toshiba website to install the webcam driver nothing happened after i hit run

    Typically main drivers for a computer are these (and are usually done in this order):

    System Software (usually only unique to DELL)
    LAN (be sure you have anti-virus installed first)
    Any other drivers at this point.
  10. I think those were installed
  11. blessed73 said:
    I think those were installed

    Do you have a category in Device Manager called "Other Devices"? If not, its safe to say they did.

    If you do have something listed there, what is it?
  12. No there is nothing else
  13. blessed73 said:
    No there is nothing else

    You have all the necessary ones then.

    Try downloading Yawcam and see if it will work. It could simply be a flaky issue with the software.
  14. Maybe if i reboot the system again it will come back probably because it is weird if it's built in it should be detected.
  15. I tryed to do video chat on skype on my toshiba satellite and it's not detecting sound card or my webcam i don't see anything.
  16. http://www.odrivers.com/2012/09/toshiba-satellite-l755-s5110-win7-64.html
    your very welcome if i happen to help u pls message me in facebook my name is my username here :) GL
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