Which monitor is the best (gaming)?

If you had to choose, which monitor would you pick based on the following:

-I have a MSI R6970 2 GB Lightning (equivalent of a standard 7870)
-3470 intel IB

-I want to play games on high settings for as long as possible

Options: - Iiyama E2008HDD-B1 => LCD monitor 20" 1600*900
- Acer V223HQVb => LCD 21.5" 1920*1080
- Acer V193WLAObmd => LED 19" 1440*900
- LG Flatron E2242C-BN => LED 21.5" 1920*1080

I live in Belgium so these are the only monitors that fit into my budget for the monitor for my gaming built (MAX € 120 for monitor).

Thanks in advance guys!!!
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  1. Can no-one help me? :(
  2. id go with the LG Flatron E2242C-BN>

    Its an LED, its got a larger resolution and I love LG products.
  3. Ok thanks! :) I figured that was the best choice. But what is the difference between an LCD and a LED? Just curious.
  4. lcd's use backlights similiar to flourescent tube lights. LEDs use a number of LED lights to illuminate the screen. LED's are more energy efficient and don't have to always be on so you have better contrast between colors.
  5. Oh ok thanks! :)
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