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Horizontal Lines/Tearing: Issue with LCD Panel or Power Inverter

December 4, 2012 3:22:42 PM

Greetings to those of you who have decided to read my boneheaded problem (haha),

So I have a monitor that I stupidly bought for $65. And the problem it has is that after about 10 minutes use, the screen will start to show these horizontal lines that go across the screen and would look like some REALLY bad tearing and some static or noise in those tears.

I just wanted to get a second opinion to see if any of you fine knowledgeable fellows might know if the problem is with the LCD screen itself, or the power supply inverter. I know its a problem with one of these components because I took it apart and if I whack the back of the monitor, it will fix the issue, albeit temporarily.

Below I have a picture of my monitor's specific power inverter (for those of you who are curious). I could go out and purchse a new one ($45), but I'm not sure if it would fix the issue.


Below is a picture that I photoshopped to simulate what the tearing sort of looks like:


So I could have power supply inverter replaced (costs $45). But if the the LCD screen I'd rather not get a power supply inverter forget about this monitor all together..


For those who thought it was too long to read:
-Problem: LCD lines tearing (see spoiler 1). And I already spent $65 on this thing.
-Question 1: Is the problem with the LCD panel, or the power supply inverter (see spoiler 2)
-Question 2: Is it worth getting a new power supply inverter ($45) if it fixes the problem? Or should I trash this monitor?