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Just got a hp g62-456tu notebook with win7 home premium 64 preinstalled. I would like some advise on how to retrieve a bootable dvd with just the win7 OS from the infernal recovery partition.
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  1. Hi WR2

    Thanks. Yes i have created the 5 recovery disks. My impression is that buried within the recovery partition is the win7 OS which i surmise i have an OEM license for although i haven't read fine print on hp's conditions of use. So my question is is it possible/legal and if so how to create just the OS ie as if i bought an OEM version of windows on a bootable dvd with a system build.
  2. I don't know of any easy way to compress the data on the recovery partition to create a single DVD install disk like you'd get in a retail/OEM DVD version.

    But you could make an ISO (clone) copy of the whole partition (a back up copy) and save it to another hard disk (external HDD which is what I did). The 5 disk backup protects you from a total HDD failure where the recovery partition is not accessible. Same for the ISO image created abd saved on a HDD.

    You do have an OEM license timed to that laptop.
  3. hello and thanks again WR2

    The external HDD sounds very good. I have a Mircosofts certificate of authenticity label with the product key on it that is all. I read in a forum that someone should legally challange this practice of burying the OS in the recovery partitions effectively excluding the owner of the machine to the OS.
  4. And pay those lawyers and end up losing anyway? Not my cuppa tea.
  5. Ive read HP's EULA and MS's EULT relevent to this type of purchase and still i don't know what i own/have use of. Getting the impression i own the recovery solution software only. All getting too difficult, will get bogged down in semantics.
  6. And i agree about lawyers, my favourite cuppa is brewed in Nimbin Australia
  7. I don't suppose you have room in the outback for a few hundred thousand ... well, it WAS a fun thought.
  8. have heard the south island of new zealand is the place to be, great beautuy and peace, If i had money i'd surely have a summer retreat there with my Hp62g , nice little machine despite my gripes about the OS
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