What PSU rating for a Dual PIII 1Ghz?

My 300W PSU just died on me and i was wondering what rating to get for the next one.
Was 300W not enough for my machine? - i thought it would be.... At the time it died i was working in 3dsmax quite heavily, so both CPUs will be working plus my Gfx card, then bam - it all died. I have a 235 watt backup PSU but i dont want to start burning that one out either..

My sys is as such:

Smicro PIIIDME w/256Mb PC100
Dual PIII 1Ghz S1 CPUs
Geforce DDR
TV card
1 10Gig HD

Any Suggestions? 400W? or should a good quality 350W be enough?
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  1. a 350W PSU should be fine for your needs.

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  2. The 300 was borderline. It should not have burned out. At worst, it should have reset itself. But you might have gotten a poorly made unit with no thermal protection. Go fot the 350 wat unit, and make sure you get one thermal protection this time.

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