Upgrade PIII now, A4 later or T4 now

Here is my situation and it is the typical "should I upgrade" question.
My current system=

Celeron 266->400 (overclocked)
96MB PC100 ram
Abit Bx6 v1.0 mobo
GeForce 3 (ever watch sesame street and sing "which one of these doesn't belong?" )

Primary uses are high power gaming.. (graphic intensive games with all options on, etc.) which I obviously am having trouble doing at the moment, photoediting (no biggie)

The system is in desperate needs of an upgrade within the month.. my question is should I just get a Thunderbird now and more memory (1.33 with 256MB pc133) and see how long that system lasts me OR should I try to hold out as long as possible and get a PIII 600mhz (yes the mobo does support it) temporarily ($100) to smooth over the current situation and get an A4 this fall with DDR ram ???

I suppose I am looking for the most cost effective way of doing this but I am unsure as to how long a Tbird 1.33Ghz with PC133 ram will last me.. If I can get more than one year out of it then that may be the most cost effective solution.. But I am afraid that the A4 with DDR will be far superior to the Tbird and I will have to upgrade again in 6-12 months..

Bottom line=will the Tbird still be a respectible chip in one year at 1.33Ghz (or 1.5) or should I wait a few months and get a first genenration A4 ???

Thanks for the help !!

JakeMD (getting an intel product other than the PIII temporarily is NOT an option so please do not suggest that)
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  1. I suggest that you get Pentium III 700 or 733MHz for temporary use (providing that your mobo can support it) when waiting few months later until either Athlon4 (Desktop) or P4 (Northwood) come out, and you can decide which one you should get.

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  2. The grass is always greener on the other side, and you'll always be waiting for the next best thing.

    Personally I am ugrading in August since I want to see the crush and sis735 chipsets make their way into the market. But once August hits I'm not waiting any longer. Otherwise I'll be waiting for the next thing and the next thing and the....

    Upgrade now to 1.33 Ghz with 256 MB of PC133 and be content for several years. I wouldn't waste any money on a temporary solution. You have a GeForce3 and you should just enjoy it now by upgrading NOW.

    Yes, the 1.33 will be respectable in a year. It will be respectable in 2 years. Beyond that I don't know though...

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  3. agree get a 1.333 now instead of wasting your geforce 3 on a slow cpu.
  4. Okay, ask yourself this?

    You currently have a cellery 266 oc'd to 400. How long have you had this and how long have you 'suffered' it's slowness?

    Why then, would you feel that you 'have to upgrade' just because a 1.33T'bird is bettered by a new chip in 6 months time? You are not even close to looking at the edge of performance right now.

    Let me say this, if you buy a 1.33 now, in 6 months the Athlon4/Northwood P4 will be around and the 1.33 will be a VERY good, but not best performing platform. If you wait, get the A4 or Northwood, 6 months after THAT, there will be newer chips that will make those look like the difference between them and the 1.33 - if you get my drift.

    Put it this way, if you want to do it and it is a good platform, do it. If you want to wait, wait, but be aware you'll never get something that'll stay the best for long. 6 months time it will be forgotten...

    Things to think about though...

    Memory - products here are changing, be it DDR or RDRAM. There is little cost difference right now between PC133 and DDR ram, that's where I'd look if I had the choice.

    AMD mobos are supposed to be upwards compatible to Athlon 4s when they are released in desktop format.

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  5. go the p3 for now
    you may be better off, waiting to see what chipsets come out for A4

    then again, i was in a similiar position not so long ago, I got that sick of wondering what to do. easy, get the 1g machine and be happy!

    however, we all start at the end and finish at the begining
  6. A couple of things...

    ~ Primary uses are high power gaming.. (graphic intensive games with all options on, etc.) which I obviously am having trouble doing at the moment, photoediting (no biggie) ~

    What exactly is the problem at the moment? Is your disk drive going crazy halfway through a game? If so then paging is an issue therefore get more memory and buy some time.

    Question to all.. Is the C266 the one with no L2 cache? If so the the PIII 600 (or other) will be a huge improvement as that was a bad CPU.

    ~ Bottom line=will the Tbird still be a respectible chip in one year at 1.33Ghz (or 1.5) or should I wait a few months and get a first genenration A4 ??? ~

    I think a PIII-600Mhz (or higher if poss) with a GeForce3 will be respectable for the next 9 months. Most T-Brid users only use half the CPU anyway. Then go crazy with a either a P4(Northwood) or Athlon(Throughbred) at 2.xGhz, a decent mobo, DDR or Rambus, and Windows XP. Then walk around with a swagger as your balls clang together.

    FYI, I have a C400 with 96Mb. Re-installing Win98 made my machine go twice as fast!

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  7. I would recomend P3 700E or 800E and a Geforce3 if you want to continue the life of your existing machine for another 6 months till P4 northwood is on the shelf and should be decent price. you will be itching to buy P4 Northwood knowing that your Geforce3 was made for it!

    Avoid AMD, no matter how much you think your gonna save, it will be more aggravation than anything else.

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  8. I agree go with the tempori solution and go after for NORTHWOOD
  9. I'd get the 1.333 T-bird & ASUS MOBO & go for it. I built my 1 gig T-bird 3 months ago & yes it's outdated right now. However it rocks for gaming. I have the Grforce Ultra & 256 mgs of sd 133 ram. I really don't need anything else right now of in the near future (about 1 year, I figure).

    MY son & I built his new machine 3 weeks ago. The 1.333 T-bird had come out, so had the DDR ram,Geforce 3, & the ASUS A7V Kt133a with 266 fsb. In less than 2 months since I had built there was all this new stuff already & it was cheeper than mine as well. So his machine although about the same was totaly different than mine. He ended up with 1.33 T-bird, 256 SD133 ram & Geforce 3. We didn't go to the DDR ram, because the reviews at Toms Hardware didn't show the proformance on the MOBO's was there yet over SD ram. We didn't want to mess with flashing bios for 2 or 3 revs to get the speed out of it.

    My son's machine is a hell of a lot faster than mine. His we'll last some more time before upgrading than mine. Am I in the back seat with a little 1 gig rig? No. I rock right along with him. He lives in another town & we game on a Tribes 2 team & I'm just as quick as he is. If you sit in front of both machines, you'll be hard pressed to see much of a difference between the 2. Needless to say, these things rock so hard that we both had to learn how to play the games we were playing all over agian.

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  10. Upgrade now to the 1.33Ghz Athlon. At this speed, the video card is your system bottleneck, faster processors won't make a difference.

    It will be current at least for the next year. I can't imagine any game software becoming so bloated that it will run slowly on a 1.33Ghz machine (at least not for a couple of years).

    In 12 months you may be able to simply replace the Athlon with an A4. The A4 will be pin compatible, but no one can say for sure if the A4 will work in current boards. It should, but until more is known, it is a gamble.

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  11. Just so you don't take any advice from the wrong people, Juin and Fugger have no credibility.

    We've all been through this waiting game over and over again. I wouldn't wait any longer if you've got that GeForce3.

    The Northwood (intel P4) and the Palamino (Amd) will surely be faster than what is out now, but buy the time they come out we'll be waiting for the next best thing.

    Right now the best you can get is the AMD Tbird running at 1.33 Ghz. If you have a little more patience, order the 1.4 Ghz and get it should be delivered in a couple of weeks.

    Alternatively buy a 1 Ghz, and overclock it to 1.4 Ghz. This all depends on you.

    If you are interested in the P4, then you would have to wait for the Northwood, but I don't see the point for you. If you didn't have that video card then you could wait a couple of months, but I'm sure you're already itching to go. You mentioned cost effectiveness as well, so that right there pretty much eliminates any Intel chips.

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  12. DONT listen to FUGGER and juin they are forum-clowns
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