Are all mechanical keyboards created equal?

Do different keyboards of the same switch type feel similar? I know it sounds stupid, but membrane keyboards all seem to work the same as far as I can tell and some are total crap and squishy, where-as there are some that have a bit more firmness to them.

Just wondering since its easier to look for one based on the features it has rather than worry about if the keys will feel good.

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  1. yes.

    the reason why membrane keyboards all seem to feel different is because they are produced differently. they use the same technology but not the same exact design.

    a mechanical keyboard which calls out "cherry mx blue switches" will have the exact same feel as another keyboard with the same switches provided of course you factor in any anomolies like L shaped enter keys, different placement of switches under the spacebar, differing key height/angle and different key spacing. all of these factors can influence the feel of a keyboard but at least you will know what the actual keys will feel like once you have felt them before.

    not all keyboards are created equal though. just because a $50 kb has the same switches as a $200 doesnt mean they are the same. the above plus factors like the key matrix and ps2/usb support are also important. good software for kbs with macro keys is also a plus.

    deck, das and wasd are some well known and respected brands.

    if you dont mind 2kro then unicomp is a steal at $80. buckling spring keys are the absolute best keys made period. not everyone likes them though.
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