Cannot connect to

I find problem to connect to
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  1. Elaborate!
  2. Hi is I/P address of some broadband routers

    others use and a variety of other address

    If you give make & model some one may give you correct address
    If this modem router was supplied by a ISP ask their technical support for help

    ISP will give you written list of settings, username & password which have to be entered into router to connect to their broadband service

    at cmd prompt on your PC ipconfig /all will give useful info about network configuration of your PC


    Mike Barnes
  3. Connect to your router
    - ... and to think some people don't like using a website to connect to their own LAN

    I've listed almost all the router IP addresses that are factory default on that page, so one of them will work if you're actually connected to a network that you own or operate.
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