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Apparently "displays" doesn't include "monitors", so i'm posting this here. Apologies in advance if it's in the wrong section.

Anyway, here's the problem: I bought some upgrades to an older system - basically replaced the core components - with the new trinity a10 stuff. This included a new motherboard, the "ASRock FM2A75M-DGS FM2 AMD A75 (Hudson D3) SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard". That's what it's called on newegg anyway. Speaking of which, here's the link to it on newegg:

In building this system, reading up on stuff from tomshardware has been helpful before, hopefully it can be helpful again! Only now I need to ask the question directly.

So my brother and I have installed everything (swapped out the old motherboard, its ram, and the old processor) for the APU, said motherboard above, and some G.Skill RAM. However, my monitor is giving me trouble. On newegg (I didn't see this before), it lists the monitor-connections as "D-Sub + DVI". My monitor uses a VGA blue-ended connection. Has my ignorance cost me a monitor that used to work with my computer?

The thing is, the pins all fit in perfectly and everything. The monitor even goes from "cable not connected" to "no input" (yes, it sounds like it's not an improvement, but it tells me that it recognizes that it is indeed connected to something now). Only when I turn the computer on... nothing. The monitor doesn't give a flicker.

I'm rather confident that everything is hooked up correctly - I can use a 3Gb/s harddrive with a 6Gb/s connection, right? Especially after my dad spent the whole night looking over it and making sure everything was connected properly. I can't even tell if it's running, though - that's the thing about not knowing what's causing the monitor to do zilch. The power supply fan has always been loud, but I can still tell that the CPU fan and hard drive are running.

TL;DR: Can the listed motherboard run a monitor that uses a VGA connection? Will I have to get a new monitor to run this new setup?
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  1. Alright, I think that I've identified that the monitor port isn't the problem. Now could somebody please help me to try diagnosing the problem? The ASRock quick installation guide/user's manual doesn't tell me much if anything about the various things that need to have a cord from the PSU connected to them.


    Apologies once more if this is now in the wrong section. :(
  2. Found it out myself, it turned out that the RAM was in backwards. How embarrassing.

    Thanks to those who *considerered* responding. Now I guess I'll figure out how to close this by myself too.
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