Two monitors on it's Side While One Right Side Up? Weird!

Okay so this is my question and its kind of weird. As it stands now i have a triple monitor set up. I have a 24" LCD in the middle and 20" LED widescreens on either side. I would like to turn the 20" on their sides so they stand tall but yet still beside the 24" which will still be right side up.

How could i go about doing this? Not the mechanical aspect i'll design someway to mount them i mean the software and OS aspect where i can turn the display on just those 2 displays without having the mouse go screwy when i move the cursor to either side. Any help? Thanks :D
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  1. Anyone at all?
  2. the software in question is called pivot.

    when you change the orientation in pivot all of your windows and graphic card settings match so there isnt any real issue.

    i have not tested it out with multiple monitors but it does work with a single monitor flawlessly.
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