Toshiba Satellite Keyboard enter button not working

my laptop is stuck at safe mode configurations and all buttons are functioning well except the enter button. how can i navigate though this problem and whats the short cut for the enter button
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  1. Call Toshiba and have them fix your laptop.
  2. New keyboard time...
  3. Greetings,
    Brett may be right.
    As I type this, I have my Satellite up and running with its THIRD new keyboard....and it doesn't work all the keys too....
    They are 141 at Best Buy, installed, or 25 on Ebay. Remove 3 screws on the back, a two movable tabs that hold the ribbon from the keypad to the mother board ...LIGHTLY PRY the easily removeable board, reinstall new BAD F**King board, gently press in and reinstall the two (yes...Best Buy lost one of the three screws on the last installation....nice) three screws and you're back in business.
    Hope this helps.
    Chris Braun chrisbraun1ATaoldotcome
  4. Try removing the key cap and cleaning underneath it. Chances are that there is some sort of debris underneath the key cap preventing the key from fully traveling up and down. This could be a free fix if that is the issue, otherwise the plastic pieces may be broken underneath and you will need to replace them. You can go to websites that specialize in keyboard repair and key replacements to pick them up for less than $4. I know that has a great selection where you might be able to find what you need there or at least some helpful hints in their blog section on how to fix a sticky or dirty key.
  5. The enter button problem happens all the time with my Toshiba. My cats and son play with the keyboard and that seems to be the easiest thing to mess up. Hold the windows button and "X" at the same time. A window will open, just ignore and close, then type something and try the enter button, always works for me :)
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